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Fun Size Boys – Austin & The Tailor CHAPTER 16: FunSize Boy Workout

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Dallas’ size is one of the most recognizable things about him! Not just his height, but also his impressive musculature. He’s worked hard to build his body up and knows a lot about physical training. Not surprisingly, the younger, shorter boys he encounters are interested to learn more from him, hoping to be just as big as him someday.While Dallas loves these little guys just as they are, he can’t resist the fun and flirtation of a little work out. He invites Austin to his studio for a little session, curious to see what the young man can do.The two get started going through some stretching and light exercises, only for Dallas’ shorts to get tighter and tighter with each passing moment. His massive cock reacts almost immediately to feeling Austin’s hands on his biceps and chest, completely enamored with the attention the small boy gives him.Dallas feels like an absolute god, standing tall over his adoring admirer. He wants nothing more than to feel the little boy’s smooth hole wrapped around his unsheathed cock, prompting him to get a little creative with the next round of exercises.Ultimately, Dallas can’t resist pounding into the small boy’s tight hole, filling him up with his muscle daddy meat, and pumping him full of his alpha seed!

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Men Seeking Men's Dating Tips
Create a Good Profile
A good profile goes along way. No one is perfect, not you or your date. A good profile helps to establish trust for both partners. Use a good photo. If you don't want to show your face, your body type buff, bear or twink are all visible and can save time and energy for both of you. You or your potential date are not a last resort.
Bring Condoms
Just in case it gets a little hot and heavy bring your condoms for protection. It may only be a one night stand at least your covered.
Meet in a Public Place
Meeting in a public place offers some protection ie. coffee shop, movie theater. It can also guarantee a quick escape if it's not "quite right".
Tips for Bisexual Men
Be honest. Many bisexual men are closet cases. Ok. To be honest about that is much better than saying "I'm looking for a committed relationship" when, in fact, you have a girlfriend or wife at home and aren't changing anytime soon. Gay men are often attracted to straight acting bisexual men for their swag.
Watch Liquor Intake
If you meet in a bar be careful and cautious of how many drinks you've had. Drugs and alcohol impair judgement.
These tips should help you breathe a little easier for your next man to man experience.

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