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    Alternate Lifestyle: Martin’s First Experience

    10 May, 2018 (20:25) | Bisexual Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Kaz (


    Meeting a strange couple for sex can lead to the
    unexpected. Martin meets Susan and Tommy for sex and is
    introduced to mild role-play and bondage. He ends up
    being screwed by both of them and finds out that he likes


    The room was dark with only candles illuminating the
    tables as I walked inside the restaurant. My heart was
    racing as I contemplated what I was getting myself into.
    I had agreed to meet a couple at the restaurant to see if
    I met their screening criteria to join them in a
    rendezvous for sex. This meeting was set up via an online
    chat room and we had never seen each other. We planned to
    have dinner together and then decide if we were
    compatible and we would take it from there.

    My eyes almost popped out of my head as a tall redhead
    with a black evening dress walked up and asked, “Are you
    Martin?” I said, “Yes, you must be Susan.” as I took her
    hand and pressed it to my lips. I looked into her rich
    green eyes and noticed the freckles across her nose and
    cheeks. A real redhead I bet flashed through my mind.

    As I released her hand, I looked her up and down and
    admired her knee-length dress with its split up the side.
    The front had a low-cut v-neck, which revealed her large
    freckled breasts. “Come along and meet my husband, Tommy”
    she said as she turned and walked toward a corner table.
    I watched hypnotically as her hips swayed back and forth
    and her calves were perfectly formed in her black high
    heel shoes. What a luscious woman, I thought.

    Tommy was taller than my 6 foot 2 inches and I had to
    look up at him as he grasped my hand in a vice grip. He
    appeared to be of Viking heritage with his large
    shoulders and shoulder length blond hair. His forearms
    were massive and covered with light blond hair and he
    looked like a body builder. This couple appeared
    perfectly matched and I didn’t have any hopes of playing
    with them with my average build and looks. Oh well, at
    least I would get a free meal out of the meeting, I

    Tommy ordered a bottle of red wine and poured us a glass
    and we started some small talk. Since I didn’t expect to
    be leaving with them, I made myself comfortable and just
    had a good time. After our meal we ordered some cognac
    and some dessert and this was when, Susan placed her hand
    in my lap.

    One gentle squeeze was all it took to wake up the one-
    eyed trouser snake and he drew up in the striking
    position. I am glad that I wore my loose pleated dress
    pants and boxer drawers that let my 8 inches rise up
    without restraint. I glanced over at Susan, who stared
    into my eyes and smiled. She leaned over to her husband
    and whispered something, but never took her hand from my
    boner. He grinned at me and waved the waiter over for the

    “Let’s go play.” was all they had to say and I followed
    the couple out of the front door to their car. Tommy
    opened the back door a Cadillac Coupe DeVille and waved
    me inside and Susan followed in besides me. He got behind
    the wheel and took off, while she wrapped herself in my
    arms and started kissing me. My hands explored and
    without meeting any resistance, I began to knead her
    breasts through the fabric.

    She leaned back and unzipped her dress and popped her
    beautiful mounds free for me to nurture. Her areolas were
    large brown circles that wrinkled up as I kissed and
    sucked on them. The weight of her tits was incredible as
    I hefted them up to my lips. Her hand was jacking me up
    and down through my pants and my pre-cum was seeping a
    big wet spot where her thumb circled over the head.
    Before I could explore between her legs, the car turned a
    corner and we pulled up into a driveway.

    Susan pulled up her dress and released my dong and opened
    the door and got out. I quickly followed her as Tommy
    opened the door. The foyer had mirrored tile and the
    living room was completely lined with mirrors. I glanced
    down and could see up her dress and saw the thin bikini
    panties sucked up between the crack of her ass. Lord
    almighty she was built like a brick shit house and I
    really wanted to get a piece of this pie.

    The living room didn’t have any regular furniture, but
    was filled with pillows and cushions. “Take your clothes
    off and have a seat,” the couple instructed as they
    headed into the back of the house. Well, I had come this
    far and didn’t want to seem like I was a novice, so I
    stripped down and sat on a large cushion and waited to
    see what would happen next.

    Susan came out wearing her high heels, a small facial
    mask and her birthday suit. Her ample breasts swayed as
    she walked and her red-haired triangle between her legs
    glowed in the light. The lips of her pussy were fleshy
    and plump and the vaginal gash was deep and pink and
    shiny. She was carrying a small overnight bag in one hand
    and laid it on the floor besides me. “Come suck my pussy,
    Martin” she instructed as she spread her legs and I
    immediately got on my knees and headed right to her
    lovely crack with my tongue leading the way.

    Her pussy was delicious and the slippery fluid flowed
    freely as I lapped like a little puppy on fresh milk.
    From the corner of my vision, I could see our image in
    the mirrors reflected all around the room. Susan was
    massaging her breasts and pinching the nipples into
    hardness as I slurped her vaginal fluid. My boner was
    standing out like a flagpole and dripping pre-cum on the

    Tommy entered the living room crawling on his hands and
    knees wearing a dog collar and a blindfold. He was
    sniffing around the room just like a real dog on the
    scent of something. I kept lapping Susan’s pussy, but
    watched his advance toward us. When he got to her, he
    sniffed up her leg and began to licking up her crack and
    started tonguing her asshole. Man this was kinky, but I
    was really into the action and there was no way I would
    pull my face from this wonderful tasting woman-flesh.

    I forgot about Tommy until I felt his breath sniffing at
    my crotch and his hot lips wrapped around my leaking tool
    and began giving me a blowjob. He quickly suctioned me
    deep inside his mouth and was able to work his way down
    the shaft until his nose was buried in my short hairs.
    What he did next was unbelievable. He managed to stick
    his tongue out with my dick all the way down his throat
    and begin to lick my balls. I forgot about eating Susan
    and took Tommy’s head in my hands and started to fuck his

    She stepped away and reached into her bag and I watched
    as she put on lap harness with a huge strap-on dildo and
    lubed it up with some cream. She then went behind Tommy
    and slid the large phallic device between the cheeks of
    his ass and poked it deeply inside.

    The view from the mirrors was fantastic and wicked and my
    blood pounded wildly in my head. Susan was banging her
    husband’s ass like a machine, which drove him harder onto
    my swollen shaft. I kept growing bigger inside his mouth
    as he clamped his lips tightly around my leaking gland.
    Susan’s tits were bouncing wildly as her ass wrinkled up
    to drive her penis home. I groaned my ecstasy as I
    erupted down Tommy’s gapping throat. At last I caught my
    breath and pulled my shrinking dick from his mouth and
    sat down.

    She pulled her messy toy from his ass and took off her
    dick harness and smiled. “Did you like the performance?”

    “Yeah, I sure did, but I wish I had saved myself for
    you.” I replied.

    “Oh, that was just the warm up,” she grinned as she
    reached into her bag and brought out another dog collar
    and blindfold and began to strap it around my neck. I
    didn’t react very quickly after having my balls recently
    drained until I heard the click of a lock fasten on the

    “What is going on?” I asked as she fastened a length of
    chain on the collar and began to pull and choke me. I
    couldn’t get the chain off my neck and felt it bite into
    my windpipe drawing tears from my eyes.

    “Follow me, you little doggy, and everything will be all
    right,” she said as she pulled me to the center of the
    room and moved a panel in the floor with a hidden metal
    ring. She put the chain through it and pulled until my
    face was forced to the floor.

    I felt fear course through me, but there was nothing I
    could do. “You had your fun with my little doggy, now you
    have to give him some pleasure.” she stated as she
    latched the end of the chain securely. She was patting
    Tommy on the head and he was licking her hand. “Ok Fido,
    go give the other doggy your bone.”

    I could see Tommy in the mirrors with his blindfold on
    sniffing the carpet and trailing my scent. He was
    whimpering like a dog and I could see his huge dick
    jerking in his lap as he crawled toward me. My insides
    were tingling with fear and adrenaline because I knew
    what was going to happen next. Susan came and sat down in
    front of me and spread her legs wide and began inserting
    a vibrator in and out of her pussy a few inches from my

    Watching Tommy approach my rear and Susan’s awesome pussy
    spread out in front of me split my attention. The hot
    breath on my ass caused my scrotum to tighten and I
    glanced in the mirror to watch as Tommy started licking
    my crack. Susan scooted closer and took my head and
    guided it into her lap as I felt a tongue enter my anal
    canal. The sensation sent me forward into her wet lap and
    she held me tightly by the head. “Suck my pussy, you
    little puppy.” she ordered. My will was broken and I
    obediently began to lap up her secretions as I adjusted
    to the hot tongue probing my ass.

    I began to get a hard on and my body began to rock back
    into Tommy’s plunging tongue. It was so weird, but I was
    enjoying the ass play and I tried to open up and let him
    tongue me deeper. My hands were not tied, so I reached up
    and began to play with Susan’s tits and tried to chase
    her clitoris with my tongue. She started to rock up to
    meet my probing tongue.

    When Tommy’s tremendous ballooned shaft began to poke at
    my anus, I let out a breath and relaxed and rocked back
    to meet his thrust. Oouhh, it hurt going in, but he
    stopped pushing and let my ass adjust to the size. Slowly
    he began to add pressure and it began to slide in deeper
    and I could feel every ridge of his blood-engorged veins
    as they rippled inside my virgin ass.

    My dick jerked in unison as he pushed inch by inch into
    my bowels until I felt his hairy balls tickling mine. At
    last he was totally inside me and he wrapped his arms
    around me and began to kiss my neck. I responded by
    squeezing my ass muscle tightly around his hot meat,
    which caused him to gasp with pleasure.

    My mouth started sucking on Susan’s clit with urgency as
    Tommy began to fuck into my man-pussy with a passion. He
    was stroking my dick as he plowed my virgin ass. I
    responded by pushing back to meet his thrusts and then
    would dive back into Susan’s bush to lap at her juices.

    Time disappeared, as I became their sex slave. My
    helplessness added to my pleasure and I was completely a
    slut. Being impaled by a huge dick filled me with lust
    and my prick was rock hard in his hand. Susan pushed my
    head away and then crawled under me with her legs spread
    wide and guided my dick into her hot wet pussy. Her legs
    wrapped around us and locked into place. Tommy’s plunging
    drove me deeply into her cunt and I was in heaven.

    I didn’t have to move as Tommy pile drove his meat into
    my ass and Susan humped up to meet his motion. Her motion
    began to increase and she started jerking wildly. When
    she started to cum, her vagina spasms launched my balls
    into a rapid-fire eruption, which contracted my anal
    muscles around Tommy’s swollen member. He gasped as he
    discharged his love jelly up into my quivering asshole.

    We all lay sweating on top of each other for a long time.
    I felt Tommy’s dick shrink slowly and finally plop out of
    my bunghole. He released the chain and I slid down
    Susan’s chest and began to eat my cream from her snatch
    without being asked. She purred her contentment and
    rubbed my head with her fingers. I wasn’t surprised when
    I felt Tommy spread my ass and begin to eat his load from

    My story ends here for now, but I will let you know that
    I moved in with them and they have introduced me to a lot
    of their other “swinging friends.”


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