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    Date: May 11th, 2018

    Allejandro and the Glory Hole

    11 May, 2018 (00:21) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Tinman (


    On a visit to a Denver adult book store, I meet a cute,
    willing new friend and we share a joint and more. (MM,
    voy, oral, mast, marijuana)


    I’ve been sucked many times in booths and through glory
    holes, but I have only sucked a few guys in return. I’m
    really picky, I guess, but unless a guy’s cock is
    actually attractive to me, and he’s squeaky clean
    looking in appearance, dress, grooming, etc., I’m not
    really interested in him. But I do crave cock every now
    and then, although I also love sex with women. I guess
    that’s why I’m called “Bi.”

    One night, I was pretty horny with nothing else to do,
    so I visited the Adult Bookstore on North Federal
    Street in Denver. This was a popular place with about
    twenty private booths with lockable doors. There almost
    always were a number of guys there, and it was a good
    place to make a contact or get some easy and very good

    Each booth had a little red light over it, and when you
    pumped tokens into the machine, that little red light
    came on outside – the booths were dark inside except
    for the light from the TV screen. If one of those
    little red lights outside was on, and the door was
    ajar, it generally meant that the person inside the
    booth was interested in having company. But, of course,
    the glory holes were more favored for making contact.

    This night I got five dollars worth of tokens, made my
    way into the dimly lighted hallway where all the booths
    were, and found an unoccupied one.… Read the rest

    Alexander the Great – a Bisexual Historical Sex Story

    11 May, 2018 (00:19) | Bisexual Sex Stories | By: admin

    By The Fan (
    Edited by Shadow


    The story of The Great Alexander, an ancient ruler of
    the world He was an adventurer, a conqueror and a
    bisexual who lusted not only after his best male friend
    Hephaiston but also after the beautiful, fiery
    Barbarian girl Roxana. (MF, 1st, bi, rom)


    Alexander the Great he was the king of Macedonia who
    conquered first the Greek world, then the remainder of
    the known world. He was the man with the power and will
    to pursue his dreams The Son of the unruly, ambitious
    Macedonian king Phillip II and of the beautiful,
    conniving Queen of Macedonia herself, the mighty

    Alexander is a man whose accomplishments amazed the
    world. He was the most famous person in all of Greece.
    There seemed to be no limit to what he could do. He was
    smart and capable. He was also passionate. People loved
    him. He was charismatic and energetic. Also, mindful of
    the people around him and deeply careful in everything
    that he did.

    The world has always had a fascination for people who
    were outside the norm Great men who could do amazing
    things, whether for the good or for the ill. Alexander
    was such a man. He had no limits. He could do no wrong.
    The army that served him also loved him. He rode into
    the fields of battle like a common soldier. He never
    asked of any person anything he would not ask of
    himself. He was that kind of man.… Read the rest

    Alex and the Highway Patrol – Gay Police Sex Story

    11 May, 2018 (00:17) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    By Panos (address withheld)


    Alex has an encounter with a highway patrol officer.
    (MM, oral, anal)


    There is a Motorcycle cop in the Beverly Hills Police
    Department. He’s one of those asshole cops that really
    enjoys pulling people over. He sits in hiding places,
    and nabs cars one after the other.

    He has close cut, cropped brown hair and a mustache,
    and he’s always wearing mirrored sunglasses. He has
    biceps that are at least 16 inches. They just barely
    fit through the short sleeve dark blue uniform he
    wears. He always has a toothpick between his teeth when
    he’s lying in wait.

    His uniform over all, makes no secret of the fact that
    his body must be ribbed solid muscle. His ass is
    beautifully rounded and firm, and when he walks, he has
    kind of a “chup-pa-ching” to it (you know, chup-pa-
    ching, chup-pa-ching, chup-pa-ching, as he saunters
    toward his latest victim). His thigh muscles, and inner
    leg muscles, like his biceps just barely fit his

    But more importantly they help to push his balls and
    cock tight against his pant leg. He wears his tools
    more like a toreador, rather than the norm of a jock
    and/or cup that tends to take away the definition from
    them. Instead his soft but still meaty cock and balls
    kind of snake down his leg.

    He lounges on his bike as he waits rather than sits. He
    is SO FINE and he knows it. He has so much attitude you
    can “smell” him a mile away.… Read the rest

    Afghan Fuck Mission – Gay Military Sex Story

    11 May, 2018 (00:13) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Martin Rammsonde (


    Soldiers come across a couple of Afghan civilians
    engaged in homosexual activity and decide to intervene.
    (MMM, intr, military, asian, anal)


    The HMMVW rolled to a stop before a farmhouse north of
    Kandahar. PFC Chu raised his IR goggles and surveyed
    the scene. The heat sources bloomed and receded as he
    adjusted the image, until three sources stood clear.
    “Sergeant!” he called clearly to the companion seated
    beside him, “three signatures, two engaged!”

    Sgt Willsen chewed his lit cigar. He was a tough
    African-American, an army man since graduating high
    school, and hard to impress. Chu hadn’t let him down
    since they’d arrived in theatre. Best fucking IR
    analyst he’d had. He bit the end off his cigar and spat
    a wad of tobacco.

    “All male?” he asked.

    Chris Chu viewed the balls of light that illuminated
    his goggle. “Affirmative. Single male in north-west
    corner of compound, two males, uh, plowing ass in the
    south-east corner”. The horny asian grabbed his own
    crotch and squeezed as he watched the blurry
    fornicators thrusting in his goggles.

    “You sure?” his section commander asked. “three target
    males?” He trusted Chu implicitly, but he would ask all
    the same. Plowing ass was interesting. His cock
    twitched at the thought of watching handsome Afghans
    breeding Afghans.

    “IR don’t lie,” Chris replied, “I can see their fuckin’
    peckers.” The lone Afghan was lit up in IR by his
    sweaty balls. The other two were illuminated where
    one’s cock was sliding into the other’s tight ass, and
    by the IR signature given off by their jizz-swollen
    balls.… Read the rest