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    Alexander the Great – a Bisexual Historical Sex Story

    11 May, 2018 (00:19) | Bisexual Sex Stories | By: admin

    By The Fan (
    Edited by Shadow


    The story of The Great Alexander, an ancient ruler of
    the world He was an adventurer, a conqueror and a
    bisexual who lusted not only after his best male friend
    Hephaiston but also after the beautiful, fiery
    Barbarian girl Roxana. (MF, 1st, bi, rom)


    Alexander the Great he was the king of Macedonia who
    conquered first the Greek world, then the remainder of
    the known world. He was the man with the power and will
    to pursue his dreams The Son of the unruly, ambitious
    Macedonian king Phillip II and of the beautiful,
    conniving Queen of Macedonia herself, the mighty

    Alexander is a man whose accomplishments amazed the
    world. He was the most famous person in all of Greece.
    There seemed to be no limit to what he could do. He was
    smart and capable. He was also passionate. People loved
    him. He was charismatic and energetic. Also, mindful of
    the people around him and deeply careful in everything
    that he did.

    The world has always had a fascination for people who
    were outside the norm Great men who could do amazing
    things, whether for the good or for the ill. Alexander
    was such a man. He had no limits. He could do no wrong.
    The army that served him also loved him. He rode into
    the fields of battle like a common soldier. He never
    asked of any person anything he would not ask of
    himself. He was that kind of man.

    History has always had some way of altering things to
    suit itself. Alexander the Great was a mystery in the
    minds of many. He was an adventurer, a conqueror and a
    loner. He was a great man. Who was he, really? He was a
    man who wanted to bring people together. He loved the
    arts and sciences. He loved knowledge. He hated
    tyranny. Alexander had to live under the tyrannical
    rule of his father, the harsh ruler known as Phillip
    II. He also had to live with his mother, the deadly and
    seductive Queen of Macedon, Olympias.

    Alexander�s parents hated each other. That did not
    exactly give the young man a good disposition toward
    the men and women of this world. He knew that the men
    that a man trusted the most could betray him. He also
    knew that women were impossible to understand and
    outright dangerous. They were not physically strong,
    but they were cunning and conniving. They were full of
    lies, treachery and deceit those were the tools of the
    women living in the male-dominated world of the days of
    Alexander the Great. The tools of men, for all time
    have been intelligence and ambition and the will to
    succeed. Men braved dangers and did not fear hard work.
    Hardship was part of a man�s life.

    Alexander was different from his peers. This had
    nothing to do with the fact that he was the son of the
    King and Queen of Macedonia. He was different because
    of a factor in his genetics. He was smart, adaptable
    and resourceful. He was charming and witty. He was also
    passionately drawn to both men and women. Alexander was
    what twenty first century people would label a
    bisexual. When Alexander was young, living in the land
    of Macedonia, his gaze fell upon a youth named
    Hephaiston. Alexander fell in love with Hephaiston
    right then and there. Hephaiston would become
    Alexander�s lifelong friend and ally.


    Alexander goes to the stables and glimpses at a rather
    great sight. The sight of the one he loves. It is not
    the sight of Cephalus, the fiery black stallion which
    Alexander tamed as a youth. It is Hephaiston, the one
    person in the world who means everything to Alexander.
    The one man whom he cherishes above all people he knows
    and trust. This is the one he trusts and cares for like
    no other.

    Alexander looks at Hephaiston and embraces him.
    Hephaiston returns his embrace. The two young men fall
    upon the hay and roll about playfully. They have known
    each other forever. They kiss each other and hurriedly
    undress. Gently, they embrace. Alexander is known to
    the world as a rough conqueror.

    He is conquered by Hephaiston�s gentleness, his charm
    and wit. He loves the other youth�s loveliness.
    Hephaiston is a slender young man with pale bronze
    skin, dark hair and dark eyes. Alexander is a green-
    eyed, blond-haired youth with a lot of vigor. They
    playfully wrestle on the hay. Laughing, Hephaiston
    climbs on top of Alexander.

    Alexander looks into the eyes of the one he loves
    Hephaiston smiles. Alexander pulls him into a tight
    embrace. Their hard, masculine bodies press against
    each other. Alexander can feel Hephaiston�s desire just
    as much as Hephaiston can feel his. They kiss once
    more. It is a passionate kiss. The kiss of lovers, the
    kiss of best friends, and the kiss of best friends
    turned lovers and the greatest kiss in the world.

    They touch each other�s bodies. Hephaiston kisses
    Alexander�s face and neck; he kisses a path down to
    Alexander�s chest and down to his belly. Alexander
    moans under Hephaiston�s touch. Hephaiston takes this
    as an encouragement and ventures further down.
    Alexander stiffens. His manhood is in the hands of
    Hephaiston. Hephaiston takes his time to please his
    king and lover, licking and sucking on extremities and

    His tongue ventures up and down the length and girth of
    what makes Alexander a man. Alexander�s hands grip the
    hay. He feels ready to burst. Hephaiston perseveres.
    Alexander screams out loud in pleasure. Hephaiston
    stops. A great shaking takes Alexander�s body.
    Hephaiston holds him in his arms. Alexander is at peace
    in his lover�s arms. The moment has passed. Alexander
    sleeps in Hephaiston�s arms peacefully.

    A new day comes. It brings with it all manner of
    dangers. Alexander the Great is ready to face them all.

    It has been a few months since he started his military
    campaign to take over the world. He has taken over
    Babylon. He comes to the barbaric lands of the East.
    Alexander conquers the wild tribes of the mountain
    regions. To cement his alliance with one of the most
    powerful tribes, he takes one of their women as his
    bride. Alexander loves Hephaiston. He may be attracted
    to other men and sometimes to women but it is for
    Hephaiston that his heart beats. Alexander is a man
    torn between his duties and his desires. He is about to
    enter the Chambers of his Bride on the wedding night.
    Outside the chambers, he sees his beloved Hephaiston.

    Hephaiston looks at Alexander. He looks not at the
    Conqueror of the World or the Great King of the
    Macedonia. He looks at the boy he fell in love with not
    long ago. The best friend he ever had. The one person
    he trusts. Alexander is the only person Hephaiston
    loves. He knows that Alexander is the King and has
    duties to perform.

    Still, Hephaiston is a young man in love and he will do
    anything for his love. He goes to Alexander and gives
    him a crimson ring as a symbol of their love. The
    intellectual part of the handsome youth known as
    Hephaiston knows that Alexander must perform certain
    duties as a King. The emotional part of Hephaiston only
    knows that the one he loves is about to bed someone


    She has lived in the northern mountains her whole life.
    Her people are nomadic barbarians. Her father is the
    Chieftain of one of the most numerous tribes. She is of
    noble blood among her people.

    She is a tall, curvy young woman with bronze skin,
    black hair and dark eyes. Many would have considered
    her lovely. She is at that. She was the princess of the
    people. The beautiful, feisty girl coveted by many of
    the men in the land. She was not to be touched since
    she was of royal blood. Roxana knew her worth. She was
    to marry a prince or a king and no one else.

    She has lived her whole life waiting for this. She is
    not satisfied with the life of a tribal princess. She
    has always been…wild. She climbed trees as a child.
    She rode horses. She was taught the use of weapons and
    learned the martial arts from the most knowledgeable
    men in the land. She also knew the secrets of medicinal
    herbs and lethal poisons from the Revered Shaman and
    the Holy Women of the tribe.

    The Shaman is a man of great wisdom who taught her many
    things. Both the Shaman and the Holy Women are the
    keepers of knowledge in the tribe. Roxana was always
    told that she was too curious and too strong. She knows
    that she is different. She cannot help it. She always
    dreamed of adventure. She always dreamed of traveling.
    She does not aspire to be anyone�s wife or mother.

    Roxana still entertained dreams of escape and
    adventure, until the day that her people were attacked.

    They came in larger numbers than any invading force the
    northern tribes had ever seen. Hundreds of thousands of
    men armed and equipped for battle. They had weapons
    never seen before and horses trained for battle. They
    were the most dangerous adversaries the people had ever
    known. Roxana�s father called upon the men from various
    tribes to unite against the invaders. Roxana was
    excited and terrified. She wanted to join the battle.

    Her father forbade her from doing so. She was pissed.
    She was as well-trained as any man. Yet they would not
    let her fight in war time because she was a girl. She
    often envied the men. They had such freedom. They could
    go wherever they wanted. They could do anything. She
    did not like the limitations imposed upon her because
    of gender. She wanted to fight and kill and die side by
    side with her father and her brothers.

    She had to watch from afar. The war was not going well.
    Many men died. Many of them were people that she knew.
    One of them was her brother Julius. The other was
    Caius, a boy she once loved. Roxana mourned them both.
    Day after day the men went out to fight. Not many of
    them came back. Finally, when things turned desperate,
    something happened.

    The well-equipped army of the king of a distant land
    came and destroyed the enemies of her people. This army
    was far bigger than the invading force that had plagued
    her people. They were saved. The northern mountain
    tribes greeted their saviors. Men dressed in metal and
    riding horses. They spoke a strange tongue. They called
    themselves Greeks and Macedonians. They followed the
    leadership of a young man who called himself Alexander
    the Great.

    The northern tribes were grateful to Alexander for
    saving them. They invited him to their towns. Alexander
    the Great received a hero�s welcome.

    It was at that time that Roxana first laid eyes on him
    a tall young man with blond hair and green eyes. When
    she first saw him, her heart beat faster than usual and
    for some reason, she felt nervous. Roxana could not
    understand. Who was this King of the Greeks who made
    her, Roxana the Princess of the Wild Northern Tribes

    She was surprised by his countenance. He was young and
    handsome. His people appeared to love him. He treated
    people with kindness. Roxana was puzzled by that. Kings
    and queens usually ruled with an iron grip. When her
    father decreed that she would marry him, she was
    surprised. She had no say in the matter. Still, she
    could sense something about Alexander. He was not like
    other men…

    She was all dressed up and ready for her wedding night
    when she saw him.

    He looked handsome and her heart beat fast at the sight
    of him. He was not alone. There was someone with him an
    equally handsome youth who looked at him in a strange
    way the way of love. Roxana�s heart skipped a beat as
    she watched her husband-to be, the handsome and
    masculine Alexander the Great embrace another man…
    not as a friend or brother but as a lover. Roxana�s
    heart seethed. How could this be? He was her husband-to
    be. He looked so fine and masculine. How could he be…
    like that? She went back into her chambers.

    Alexander gazed longingly at Hephaiston and bade him
    farewell. He walked into the chambers of the

    Alexander looked at Roxana. She had seen him with
    Hephaiston. She asked him about it. He told her that he
    loved Hephaiston. Roxana was angry. She wanted him to
    love her! She felt like attacking him! He seized
    control of her before she could do anything, predicting
    her moves before she even thought of them. Roxana
    struggled in his arms. She once wanted him… she once
    wanted to be loved by the handsome and macho hero who
    saved her people.

    Not anymore!

    She wanted to… he was looking right at her. She fell
    still. He said nothing. She wanted to fight. She wanted
    to run. He touched her. His touch was gentle and at the
    same time… arousing. Roxana felt her body respond to
    his touch… felt herself wanting to let go. She
    hesitated… when he kissed her, all of her doubts

    Alexander kissed Roxana. He felt her soft feminine lips
    against his own. He had never kissed a girl before. It
    was… different. He had kissed and made love to
    Hephaiston more times than he could count but this was
    different. This was new. Roxana was surprised by
    Alexander�s passion. She pressed her body against his.
    Alexander tentatively kissed her face, her neck and her
    breasts. His hands caressed her smooth, sexy yet strong
    body. Roxana purred. She kissed him and traced a path
    down from his lips to his chest to his belly. He
    grunted. She made her way down to his groin.

    She sees the evidence of his arousal kisses it. He
    grabs her by the neck and pulls her close. He is on top
    of her and she is beneath him. He takes her. She
    screams as she is entered. He gasps. They look into
    each other�s eyes. Soon, an endless merry go around of
    thrusting and moaning and screaming takes place.
    Alexander makes love to Roxana with savage passion. She
    screams at the top of her lungs. He explodes.

    Spent, he lies in her arms. His face is full of
    surprise and shock, as well as pleasure. She knows at
    once that she was his first, as far as female lovers
    are concerned. She is surprised by that. Alexander the
    Great, the would-be conqueror of the world has had two
    lovers in his life. A male lover named Hephaiston, who
    is his lifelong best friend. The female lover is
    Roxana, the wild and beautiful barbarian princess.
    After the marriage is consummated, Alexander leaves the

    His wife lies on the bed, thinking. She had never felt
    such passion in her life ever She had many lovers
    before she married discreet liaisons, of course.
    Alexander is a king in bed. Wow. Her heart is won. She
    wants him. She knows that he marries her because of
    duty and not love. She has forsaken duty the moment
    after he made love to her. She is his. She wants him to
    be hers. Roxana will share her husband with no one, man
    or woman. And she is not above doing anything to get
    what she wants.

    This is but a chapter in the life of Alexander the
    Great. He will conquer the world changing the fate of
    humanity forever with his vision. He was a lot of
    things, a warrior, lover, wanderer, and seeker of
    knowledge and the true home of the greatest men ever to
    walk the plains of the earth.

    Little is known about his life and loves but one man
    and one woman did mean a lot to the openly bisexual
    heroic leader of the Greeks. Hephaiston and Roxana
    meant more to him than all the riches of the world. He
    is a visionary and the worlds tremble when thinking of
    what such a resourceful man could accomplish with that.

    The End

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