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    Allejandro and the Glory Hole

    11 May, 2018 (00:21) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Tinman (


    On a visit to a Denver adult book store, I meet a cute,
    willing new friend and we share a joint and more. (MM,
    voy, oral, mast, marijuana)


    I’ve been sucked many times in booths and through glory
    holes, but I have only sucked a few guys in return. I’m
    really picky, I guess, but unless a guy’s cock is
    actually attractive to me, and he’s squeaky clean
    looking in appearance, dress, grooming, etc., I’m not
    really interested in him. But I do crave cock every now
    and then, although I also love sex with women. I guess
    that’s why I’m called “Bi.”

    One night, I was pretty horny with nothing else to do,
    so I visited the Adult Bookstore on North Federal
    Street in Denver. This was a popular place with about
    twenty private booths with lockable doors. There almost
    always were a number of guys there, and it was a good
    place to make a contact or get some easy and very good

    Each booth had a little red light over it, and when you
    pumped tokens into the machine, that little red light
    came on outside – the booths were dark inside except
    for the light from the TV screen. If one of those
    little red lights outside was on, and the door was
    ajar, it generally meant that the person inside the
    booth was interested in having company. But, of course,
    the glory holes were more favored for making contact.

    This night I got five dollars worth of tokens, made my
    way into the dimly lighted hallway where all the booths
    were, and found an unoccupied one. I settled in, fed
    the machine some quarters, used an alcohol swab to
    sterilize the plastic chair seat, dropped my pants – no
    shorts tonight – and settled into the plastic chair. I
    spread my naked butt cheeks apart so I could feel the
    cool plastic on my sensitive hole, relaxed, extended my
    legs and started strokin’. My cock was already a little
    slippery-wet from fantasies I had in anticipation of
    coming here and cumming.

    I flipped through the movie channels until I found one
    that seemed to hit the spot: a petite, long-haired
    blonde, slim chick doing an outstanding job of sucking
    a good-sized dude. I leaned back to enjoy and
    masturbate – yummy!

    I knew that the booths here all had glory holes
    (‘though I’d never heard them called that yet), and I
    knew that you could sometimes get some very good head
    by sticking your dick through one of them (they were
    about 6″ square). But, tonight, I wasn’t really in the
    mood for that. Strokin’ felt so damned good and the
    movie I was watching reminded me of the little blonde
    sweetie I had broken up with recently, so I was a
    pretty happy camper.

    But before long, a persistent “hssst” from the hole on
    my right got my attention. I looked over to see a very
    pleasant Hispanic face leaning down, smiling at me. I
    kind of smiled back, and just kept strokin’, but he had
    definitely gotten my attention and the idea of getting
    a blowjob had definitely entered both my heads and
    begun to take over my horny brain.

    I bent over and peeked through to watch him as he
    stroked. Like me, he had dropped his pants and shorts
    (if he wore any) and was stroking an unusually
    attractive cock. It wasn’t really big, only about or 6-
    1/2″, just about the size of my own pride and joy; it
    was perfectly formed with a helmet-head that was a
    little larger than mine, with a big, pronounced flared

    I watched him a few minutes, our eyes making frequent
    contact. Then I couldn’t hold out any longer, I reached
    through the glory hole and started playing with his
    balls as he stroked. He let go of his cock, and I
    grasped it and stroked him at the same time I was
    stroking myself. As I did this, I realized that I was
    releasing an enormous amount of precum, and my hand was
    covered with it. I changed hands quickly and grasped
    his fine prick with my wet hand for a few strokes. He
    seemed to like the feeling of that, and after a few
    minutes, he stood and moved toward the glory hole.

    As I backed off, he stuck his cock through the hole,
    his wet-shiny head inviting me to suck. I couldn’t
    resist. I knelt down and began licking the head of his
    bulging dick, all slick with his juices. It tasted so
    damned good, and his flesh was solid, hot and suddenly
    I was hotter than all get out.

    Before I knew it I was sucking him deep, taking him as
    far in as the thin wall would let me. He was pressed
    against the wall on his side, and had most of his cock
    through the hole, and my face met him halfway through
    the large opening. I sucked and swirled him, gathered
    saliva and tongued it all around his cock, all the
    while jacking myself deliciously. He seemed to realize
    that it was difficult to move one’s head in this
    positing, so he began fucking his hips back and forth,
    drawing his cock almost out of my mouth and then
    sliding it back in as I twisted and swirled on his

    I could feel him starting to swell, and I thought he
    might cum. But instead, he pulled back, whispering,
    “Give me yours, man.” So I stood, pressed my belly hard
    up against the wall and stuck my own dick – now harder
    than steel – back through the gloryhole and into

    Oh, man alive! His mouth was the sweetest I’d ever
    experienced. He went to work on me with almost love and
    affection and lots of skill and talent. Lips and tongue
    were everywhere he could reach for the next five
    minutes or so of the best fellatio I’d ever had. I got
    close to cumming, but didn’t want to so soon, so like
    him I pulled back, hard as it was to do that.

    I was breathless and all hot and flushed from being
    sucked so good, and he was breathing hard from his
    efforts. I leaned down and for some dumb reason said,
    “You got any weed, man?” Yeah, I was a pothead. He kind
    of looked at me funny for a few minutes, and then I
    guess he thought, “What the Hell, we’ve just sucked
    each other so he must not be a cop.” He said, “Out in
    my car. You want to go out with me?”

    “Sure,” I replied, still whispering. “If we can pick up
    where we left off here…” He just grinned and raised
    his eyebrows slightly and nodded.

    We zipped up and headed for the parking lot. They kept
    it unlighted, for the sake of privacy I guess. He
    unlocked his car and I got in, while he opened the
    truck and took out a big paper bag. Then he got in
    front beside me. He took out a big baggie and offered
    it to me, for a reasonable price, of course. I said
    okay, paid him, and then he told me to put it away and
    he used his own to roll a big fat one.

    We shared that one, and then he said he wanted to suck
    me some more so I shucked my pants down to my ankles
    and laid back in the seat while he proceeded to blow me
    completely, slowly, sweetly… I mean that guy knew
    how. It was fantastic and when I warned him I was ready
    to squirt he just kept on and took it all and seemed to
    love it. By that time he had his cock out and so I
    naturally returned his favor, playing with his balls
    (he was shaved, I wasn’t then although I shave now),
    and sucking him all the way down.

    It didn’t take him long to gush, and when I felt him
    start I pulled back and let his juice fly all over his
    stomach, my hand, my face. And was it ever wonderful,
    seeing and feeling it.

    After we recovered, we parted. Later we met a few more
    times, usually at my house since I was single.
    Alejandro was his name, and he was a really neat guy
    with a great sense of humor and as horny as I was. We
    never tried ass-fucking, just sucking and jacking –
    although we did use our fingers on each other a time or
    two. I miss him. I’m always looking for another friend
    like “Alejandro.”


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