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Xui and Me – Gay Asian Interracial Story

12 May, 2018 (10:59) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

by jasper_goat (


A boy’s friendship with a young Chinese student develops
into a closer bond after a night out together.

I didn’t pay too much attention when Dad announced that
we would have another house guest for a few days. He is
a lecturer at the local university and often invites his
research students back for a meal or to stay for the
weekend. Usually they are pretty boring, content to have
long, earnest discussions with Dad over endless cups of
coffee in his den. So you can understand why it wasn’t
with any great sense of excitement that I watched Dad’s
beat-up Ford pull into the driveway and saw two
passengers emerge.

Dad came up the porch steps followed by what seemed to be
an enormous bunch of flowers on legs. When the bouquet
was handed over to Mom, Xui emerged from behind the
foliage smiling shyly. Xui, (He told us to pronounce it
Shu-way) was small and slim with a round smiling face and
large uptilted brown eyes. Over a meal he told us that he
had left Hong Kong three years ago to study in England
and had just arrived in the States to carry out further
research work.

His English was good but he had some quirky expressions
of his own that made us all smile. I learnt that he was a
year or two older than me, but his boyish looks made him
seem much younger. He was certainly different from the
usual students that Dad took under his wing and I could
see that he had already made a big hit with Mom, who
fluttered around him like a mother hen. The autumn
semester wasn’t due to start for another two weeks and
the residential halls were empty apart from a few post-
grads. Xui gratefully accepted Mom’s invitation to extend
his stay with us.

I had already taken a liking to the guy and for the next
few days I showed him around town and introduced him to a
few of my buddies. The following day was rainy and cold,
so we spent the afternoon chilling out in my room while
Xui took my elderly Compaq apart. He was a bit of a
computer freak and promised me that things would run much
better when he had finished. All the bits seemed to fit
back together OK and I watched over his shoulder as he
started it up to make final adjustments.

Suddenly I twitched with embarrassment as I noticed that
he had accidentally hit upon my collection of downloaded
porn pics! Dammit, I had forgotten all about them!

But Xui’s only reaction was to give a little “Hoh” of
interest and he started to eagerly scan through the
files. A couple of times I noticed that he reached down
to his crotch to rearrange himself and I slowly began to
relax -the guy was clearly enjoying himself.

It was quite a while before he looked up at me and
grinned. “Ver’ good, Mark.” Adding casually. “You got
more boys?” I must have looked puzzled, for he added. “I
like to see boy with ver’ big…” He pointed down to the
small bulge in his pants. “You know. Ver’ big there.” He
frowned and shook his head in mock disappointment. “Me,
I’m not so big…ver’ sad.”

I smiled, not sure where this conversation was going, but
he completely threw me with his next question. “You big
boy, Mark?” Jeez, I mean, how do you answer a question
like that? I mumbled something, but just at that moment I
was saved when I heard the sound of a car horn outside:
My buddies, Steve and Jeff had arrived to take us out for
the evening. Reluctantly, Xui shut down the computer and
we went downstairs to meet them.

The evening was a bit of a disaster. The place was
crowded and noisy and all the available girls seemed to
have a burly football jock in tow, so there was no future
there. We found a table in the corner and planned our
next move, eventually deciding on a few beers. Jeff
wasn’t too keen as he was the one to stay sober and

Nevertheless, it was several hours later when he
deposited Xui and I back in the driveway after a noisy
drive home. For a little guy, Xui could certainly hold
his liquor and we were both still in party mood as we
attempted the porch steps.

We made it on the second attempt, our arms entwined for
mutual support. As I fumbled for the door latch, Xui
turned to me and said solemnly. “You ver’ good frien’
Mark.” A sentiment which was rather spoilt by the loud
belch that followed it, but I answered in my best John
Wayne. “Sure thing, pardner. Now let’s head for the ol’


A wise man once said. “Nobody buys beer -you only rent
it.” The truth of that hit me at about four in the
morning as I woke up with a pressing need to pee. My head
felt like it was stuffed with cotton candy and I had to
wait for it to clear before making an unsteady trek to
the bathroom to answer the call. I had just made it back
to bed and was ready to switch off the light when I heard
the click of the bedroom door opening and a familiar
voice call quietly. “Mark, you ‘wake?”

“Sure,” I answered. “What’s up?

“Nothing. Can’t sleep….” He made a sudden dash for the
open door of the bathroom and I heard him take a long
leak. I remembered that his room didn’t have its own
bathroom and in his muddled state he probably couldn’t
remember his way to the one on the landing. He emerged
into the dim light of my bedroom, retying the sash of his
robe and walked over to the bed. He looked down at me and
said solemnly. “I need that ver’ much. I think my balls

I laughed out loud -he’d probably got that one from
Steve, who always had a colorful way with words. Xui
looked puzzled at my reaction, so I tried to explain that
it wasn’t one of those expressions you used in polite
company, finishing with. “Anyway, it usually means that
you need a good jerking.” He nodded seriously and said in
a small voice. “Perhaps,” I looked up sharply and was
surprised to see tears forming in his eyes. “Hey, ol’
buddy. What’s the matter?” I asked anxiously, thinking
that I might have somehow upset him.

But it was a classic case of homesickness brought on by
too much alcohol. He was missing his family and friends
back in Hong Kong -they had saved hard to send him to
Europe and he hadn’t seen them for over three years. As
he told me about his life in China and the friends he had
left behind in England, I began to wonder just how I
would have felt in his place. My years at college had
included plenty of holidays and weekend trips back home –
how would I have managed all those years of study in a
strange land with a different culture and language?

I saw Xui begin to shiver in the chill of the early
morning, so I pulled the bedcovers aside and he slipped
in beside me without any sign of reluctance or
embarrassment. He was still upset, so I slipped a
friendly arm over his shoulder and he lay back, slowly
recovering from his depression.

The feel of his slim body against mine began to have a
strange effect on me. Steve, Jeff and I had been jerking
partners since school and we still occasionally indulged
ourselves -usually after frustrating evenings with our
girlfriends – but it had always been a matter of seeking
the brief pleasure of a quick relief, after which we
would get on with something else. But this was something
new – something deeper and strangely exciting. My cock
had started to strain against the fabric of my boxers and
I felt a strong desire to stroke Xui’s golden skin. I
shifted up the bed slightly, as if I was making myself
more comfortable, and slid my hand through the collar of
his silk robe to cup his shoulder with my hand. He gave a
long hiss and I felt him shudder at my touch.

Thinking I had gone too far, I drew my hand away, but he
gave me a sidelong glance and shrugged out of the robe,
allowing me to explore his smooth back. I felt his hands
move under the covers as he struggled to untie the sash
at his waist and a rustling sound as he drew his robe
apart. Eagerly, I threw the bedcovers to one side and
Xui’s slim, boyish body was revealed, gleaming in the
soft glow of the bedside light.

He hadn’t lied when he said he wasn’t big, but his pecker
peeped stiffly out from a halo of black hair like a small
brown dart, with just a hint of his cockhead peeking from
the shroud of his foreskin. One of my other jerking
buddies in high school had been a black guy called
Maurice and I had always been fascinated by the sight of
the tight black curls, like wool, which covered his
groin. Xui’s pubic bush was just as fascinating. The hair
grew long and straight, fanning out from the root of his
cock and forming a perfect nest for his ball sac.

I would have liked to study it for longer, but by then,
Xui had his own research in mind. He leant over me and
hooked his thumbs into the waistband of my shorts,
drawing them down over my hips. I lifted my butt slightly
and he slipped them down to my knees, giving a long drawn
out “ho…oh!” of delight as my stiff cock sprang out of
its cloth prison. “So nice, Mark. You are ver’ big boy!
So nice!” He whispered, breathless with excitement. He
wrapped a cool hand round my shaft and gave it a few
experimental strokes, smiling up at me with a questioning
look in his large almond eyes.

I smiled back weakly and nodded. He could do what he
liked now, there was no way either of us could have
stopped -not that we wanted to. I lay back and closed my
eyes and let my growing lust take over. His hands, his
lips, and his tongue roamed incessantly over my aching
groin. I started to writhe and groan softly in delight –
this was something else! My hands caressed his smooth
back until I could stand no more and I reached around his
ribs, pulling him upwards.

Xui understood and slid his supple body round so that his
stiff little cock pointed straight towards my face. His
nuts had drawn up tightly in their pouch into one single
round ball, marked with a dark brown line down its centre

As I watched, his cockhead escaped from the confines of
his foreskin and slowly expanded into a shiny, mahogany –
colored mushroom. Slipping both hands round Xui’s slim
waist, I grabbed both his butt cheeks and drew him
towards my mouth, feeling the coarseness of his pubic
bush against my lips as I engulfed him.

I was conscious of a sweet, spicy smell, like an
expensive aftershave and a thought flashed through my
mind – had Xui carefully planned for this encounter? Not
that I could have cared less -my lust had completely
taken over and I kneaded his tight butt cheeks
mercilessly as I slurped and sucked at his throbbing

It was all too good to last and I began to feel a
familiar tingle announce my approaching climax. I tried
to warn Xui by pushing gently on his head, but it was too
late! My orgasm was so strong that it was almost painful
as I felt my cum throbbing up my cock into his waiting
mouth where I felt it bounce off his tongue like solid
lumps. Xui’s prick had taken up the rhythm and moments
later I felt his cockhead expand and I tasted the warm
saltiness of his cumming. I had taken his cock so far
back into my mouth that I gagged as stream after stream
hit the back of my throat -dammit Xui will you never

At last it was over for both of us and we both lay
recovering, both panting hard. Neither of us had thought
of taking our mouths away from their treasures and I
could feel Xui’s cock softening as I gently pressed
against it with my tongue. With a sudden ‘plop’ his
cockhead retreated back into its sheath and I playfully
tickled at its puckered tip with my tongue, knowing that
it would still be incredibly sensitive. Below me, a
muffled giggle came from Xui as he retaliated by gently
nipping my own cockhead with his teeth.

We fooled about for a few minutes more as we came down
from the high of our mutual climax. With a final sigh,
Xui’s mouth gently slipped away from my cock and I felt
the chill of the night air on its damp tip. I released
Xui, gripping him softly with my lips as he slid away.
There was a sudden rustle of sheets and Xui appeared at
my side once more. The smile he gave me was soft and shy,
with a gentle hint of enquiry, as if to say. “Was that

My smile in return must have conveyed my feelings for he
snuggled up to me like a puppy and gently nipped my
shoulder. I guess that we both must have fallen asleep
like that, because the next thing I remember was the
sunlight streaming through the open window and the sounds
of a suburban estate coming to life outside. I reached
out, but Xui’s slim golden body wasn’t there. He couldn’t
have been gone for long, because his warmth still
lingered on the crumpled sheets. I felt strangely
disappointed but I knew that we would both make sure of
more times together.

That was nearly two years ago. Xui is back in Hong Kong,
working for a large exporting company with many
connections with the US. His regular emails still refer
to the many sessions we shared together and we are both
looking forward to his visit in a few weeks time. Apart
from an occasional jerkoffs with Jeff and Steve, I
haven’t had any other male experiences and have never
sought any, but I’m getting a tingle in my loins and my
cock has started to throb as I think of Xui’s boyish body
beside me once again.


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