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    Date: May 22nd, 2018

    Johnny Torque at Nextdoortwink

    22 May, 2018 (18:55) | Hot Twinks Sex | By: admin

    Johnny Torque is a hot twink check him at Nextdoortwink. These are pics from the video Step-Brat and the story goes:Maybe Kevin Summers is still adjusting to being in a new home, part of a new family.

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    Or maybe his bad attitude is due to the strict nature by which his new stepbrother, Johnny Torque, treats him.Today, Johnny happened to be walking by Kevin’s room when he noticed, through the cracked door, that Kevin STILL had not tidied up his room, even 3 days after Johnny’s father, Kevin’s Stepdad, had asked him. Johnny felt it was at this point that his duty as an older stepbrother was calling.

    He burst in and yelled at Kevin about the messiness of the room. Kevin did little but give Johnny a sass mouth and turn over on his stomach while listening to headphones. This really pissed Johnny off. He grabbed Kevin by the legs, yanked him close and proceeded to spank the boy. Kevin screamed in protest, but Johnny just smacked harder. Eventually, Johnny pulled Kevin’s pants down and ripped off his underwear.Swat after swat, Kevin shrieked in agony. Johnny’s spanking soon turned to fingering of Kevin’s asshole.

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    Blonde Bottom Seeking Top

    22 May, 2018 (18:48) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    I did one of those goofy things we all do from time to time, even though I was totally alone in the booth, I looked around and knowing I was really alone, I touched the cock. It felt so nice to my finger tips that I wrapped my whole hand around it and it felt so much better then holding my own. It was hard but had that soft outer covering and it excited me to be holding a cock other then my own, so I started stroking that sweet cock.

    After a minute or two, I heard a voice telling me to suck it and ever since watching the gay porn, I had been wondering just what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth. I got on my knees; kissed the head of this hard cock, really liked how that felt, so I licked it, from the head all the way down to his balls and then back up to the head.

    I heard the cock’s owner moan and buoyed by how nice it felt licking it, I took that sweet piece of meat into my mouth and I was really shocked at how much I liked having it in my mouth, it was so silky feeling in my mouth and yet so hard. I started sucking on it like I like mine sucked and it didn’t take long before it swelled up in my mouth.

    I knew the cock’s owner was going to cum but I wasn’t prepared for how much cum was to shoot out of that magnificent beast.… Read the rest

    Big Black Cock Jerking and Sex Story

    22 May, 2018 (18:18) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    The gym had gotten quieter as the night approached. Many of men had left and all there was the smell of moisture from the showers. Randy had just come in after a long day at the office. He’d just finished a marathon research report and was ready for some rest and relaxation. Randy was a tall 6’8″ caramel complexioned black guy. His basketball skills got him a free ride in college and a couple of years in the pros. Nothing spectacular but he was 26 and richer than most guys. Now away from the baller world, he was finishing a law degree and interning at a firm.

    His body was hot from the weekly workouts. A six pack abs, muscular arms and ass. He was a sight to do a doubletake anywhere.

    At the gym, he was doing free weights when he asked John to spot him as he lifted. John was a 25 year old guy who had his first restaurant. The restaurant was the talk of the town getting featured in the news with celebrity comings and goings.

    As he spotted him, Randy looked up and noticed John’s bulge. Though he didn’t consider himself gay, he got a hard to miss hardon. He braced himself, sucked it in and returned the spotting favor for John. John’s cock was coming out of his shorts as he lifted. Randy pretended not to notice as he continued. After the free weight spotting, they went to their own favorite exercises, John the rower and Randy the stationary bike.… Read the rest

    Spencer Reed, Alexander Garrett, Jason Michaels star in Raging Stallions video It Gets Bigger

    22 May, 2018 (18:06) | Raging Stallion Clips | By: admin


    Mesmerized by a wall with cutout glory holes, well-hung and furry Jason Michaels faces a pair of big boners popping in and out. He attacks the two monster cocks with his mouth, nursing on one before switching to the other. These super-sized cocks are attached to Alexander Garrett and Spencer Reed , who peer over the wall and watch the energized Jason eagerly sucking their cocks. They comeout from behind the wall to get more aggressive with their big fanjamming their two power tools down Jason’s throat. Alexander moves to the back to shove his big uncut dick inside Jason’s tight crack, yielding this power position to Spencer only when they decide to tradeplaces at both ends of their prey. The happy trio continues to rock outon the table top with Jason down on his back getting plugged in his asshole by Alexander while still feeding on Spencer’s dick. The two big guys switch places again but it doesn’t faze Jason as he rolls along with the program that finally climaxes with all of them blasting their loads.

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