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    Month: June, 2018

    A Tale of Four Blowjobs – 4

    9 June, 2018 (13:18) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Kimmie Holland (address withheld)
    A sissy goes to sleep with a cock in her mouth--and 
    wakes up with a cock in her mouth. (M/m-teen, oral, tv, 
    4. Cock-a-doodle-doo (and bacon too!)
    I kiss H on the forehead and slip out of bed. A girl 
    needs to tidy herself up first thing in the morning and 
    a girl like me needs even more tidying up than most. In 
    front of the mirror, I survey the ravages. Not so bad. 
    It could be worse, much worse, and don't I know it. A 
    touch up here and there and I'm reasonably presentable. 
    I pad into the kitchen, still in my fishnet stockings, 
    get the coffee started, wash last night's dishes.
    From whence forth comes this instinct�so immediate and 
    unalloyed that indeed I can only call it "instinct"�to 
    take care of an alpha male, to satisfy his desires, to 
    feed his appetites, all his appetites? I ponder this 
    question while the coffee drips into the carafe and I 
    tend to the bacon for H's breakfast sizzling in the 
    I've done another quick change into a pink babydoll and 
    a pair of low-heeled open-toed mules, the kind with the 
    superfluous little feather puff on the instep�a 
    metaphor for my existence. I look like a complete pansy 
    standing there in my pigtails but I feel so strangely 
    content and complete: could it be that, ridiculous as 
    it is, this is the role I was engendered to fulfill in 
    the Great Movie of Oblivion?
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    A Tale of Four Blowjobs – 3

    9 June, 2018 (13:16) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Kimmie Holland (address withheld)
    A sissy goes to sleep with a cock in her mouth--and 
    wakes up with a cock in her mouth. (M/m-teen, ora, tv, 
    3. Morning Wood Sucker
    Next morning, fittingly, it's his cock that wakes me, 
    insistently pressing against the crack of my ass; it's 
    sometime well before dawn, the room dark and soft as 
    blue chenille, and though his penis is up and strutting 
    about, cock-a-doodle-doo, H is still sound asleep with 
    his arm around my waist. Nevertheless he's 
    unconsciously thrusting his pelvis against me, his 
    erection instinctively seeking entrance into my warm, 
    soft body. It's endearing, I think, this blind drive to 
    hump me. I'd like to encourage it at every opportunity. 
    Yes, that's it, the idea I want to get across: I am a 
    I reach behind me and take hold of H's cock and guide 
    it between the cheeks of my ass, which is already 
    sticky with the precum of his earlier somnolent efforts 
    to penetrate me. The head of his cock feels so smooth, 
    so sleek, so hot...and so very big against my tight 
    little hole. Alas, I can't wait for the day when H can 
    simply roll over and sleepily fuck me at will, bend me 
    over anywhere and everywhere, whenever the mood strikes 
    him, to deposit an urgent load of cum in my ass.
    And why stop there? Mouth, ass, even if they hollow me 
    out a hardly seems as if the body's potential 
    to give pleasure has been even close to fully utilized.
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    A Tale of Four Blowjobs – 2

    9 June, 2018 (13:15) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Kimmie Holland (address withheld)
    A sissy goes to sleep with a cock in her mouth -- and 
    wakes up with a cock in her mouth. (MM, tv, oral)
    2. Pillow Talk with a Mouthful 
    Having changed into a short black chemise, I tiptoe 
    around the bed and slip under the blankets next to H. 
    His big body radiates heat and has already warmed the 
    sheets. This is my favorite part of the evening. I curl 
    up, snuggle close, almost clinging to him, like a koala 
    bear on a eucalyptus tree. He puts a heavily-muscled 
    arm around my waist and pulls me even closer, his hand, 
    burning like a brand, resting possessively on the bare 
    cheek of my ass, a.k.a. his ass, as he occasionally 
    likes to remind me.
    "Whose ass is this?" he'll ask, giving me a playful�if 
    still stinging�slap on the bottom. Or sticking his 
    finger inside me without preamble.
    "Don't forget it."
    "I won't."
    From where I lie nestled against his hairy chest, I 
    stare up at the shadows of the roses that he brought me 
    earlier in the evening; they're dancing hypnotically on 
    the ceiling in the scant light of a scented tea candle. 
    H. begins to reminisce in the dark. He's recalling the 
    night he took me to an upscale restaurant along the 
    shore. I was wearing an itsy-bitsy backless black mini-
    dress, silver heels, black thigh-highs. He tells me 
    that as we walked up the stairs to the dining room he 
    could see the exposed place between the tops of my 
    stockings and my sheer panties.
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    A Tale Of Four Blowjobs 1

    9 June, 2018 (13:14) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Kimmie Holland (
    It's a 4-blowjob night for this sissy. Here's the first 
    one. (MM, tg, cd, oral)
    1. First Time (That Night) He Used My Face...
    After pizza by candlelight, he calls me over to sit on 
    his lap. I settle my pantied bottom across his thighs 
    and put my arms around the back of his big neck. We 
    talk and kiss, doing less and less of the former, until 
    we're doing almost exclusively the latter. Meanwhile 
    his hands have found their way under my nightie, inside 
    my nightie, down the back of my nightie. It feels as if 
    he has seven or eight hands and they are all over my 
    He makes me admit what a slutty little girl I am. What 
    a dirty, cocksucking mouth I have. He has me tell him 
    how many men I've sucked off. I can feel his cock throb 
    under my bottom when I give him an honest answer. Gosh, 
    even I'm surprised: it's a lot of cocks!
    "And you swallowed every time didn't you, you little 
    cunt, didn't you?"
    "Oh yes," I whisper into his ear�and that, too, I'm 
    perversely proud to admit, is the truth.
    His cock pulses again: picture the ring of muscle that 
    passes through the body of one of those thick Amazonian 
    rainforest snakes. That's what it feels like, something 
    predatory and feral and sexy that's just woken up, 
    hungry and looking for dinner. That's me: what's for 
    "You love it don't you, you filthy bitch?"
    "Yes I do."
    "You love to suck cock?"
    "I love to suck cock."
    "You need it, don't you?"
    "Yes, I need it."
    "Show me."
    I slide off his lap and H stands up, undoing his belt, 
    then the top button of his jeans.
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    Deelux Apartment from Nextdoorebony with Pornstars Nubius, Luc Bonay, Draven Torres and Aron Ridge

    9 June, 2018 (13:04) | Nextdoorebony | By: admin

    Draven Torres is a hard working guy. He doesn’t often slack, but when he does take a break, he makes it count. Draven’s been hired on to assist with an apartment remodel, high in what will be a luxurious penthouse suite. When his coworker, Luc Bonay, suggests the two take a break to taste each other’s cocks, of course Draven is excited. He’s wanted to hook up with hot Luc since they both showed up at the site. He’s finally getting to enjoy what he knew would be a nice meaty dick.

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    But soon after Luc slides his erection between Draven’s eager lips, the job manager, Aron Ridge, returns to the apartment! And even worse, he’s brought an interested buyer, a man going simply by the name Nubius. Aron catches them in the act and is quite pissed off. That is until Nubius expresses that if he and Aron can join in, the chance he’ll make a solid offer would greatly increase!

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    Aron is a shrewd business man, so he makes the decision to go ‘balls out!’ They pull out their already hardening cocks for Luc and Draven to suck. They’re happy to get their mouths around these fatty boners, especially if it means they won’t be in trouble. But that’s not all Nubius wants for the bargain. He’s aching to fuck Draven’s tight hole. And Aron’s game to pound Luc’s ass at the same time.… Read the rest

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    9 June, 2018 (12:51) | Nextdoorebony | By: admin

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    Contract Work from Nextdoorebony with Pornstars Marc Williams, Jordano Santoro, and Jordan Deep

    9 June, 2018 (05:10) | Nextdoorebony | By: admin

    Description : Jordan Deep is waiting on a few contractors who are set to deliver a quote concerning a kitchen remodel. Marc Williams and Jordano Santoro are good contractors and their prices reflect that in their quote. Jordan protests, and offers that there must be a compromise that can be reached. Marc reminds him that good doesn’t come cheap, and that gives Jordan an idea. With that he drops to his knees and pulls out Marc’s dick while Jordano starts to fondle himself.

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    Before long at all, Jordano has joined them and now Jordan is throating both cocks in the kitchen. Feeling like they could spread out more in the living room, he sheds his pants and tells the others to follow him. Into the living room, where the three of them begin to suck each off before Marc and Jordano decide to get some of this sweet ass.

    First it’s Marc’s turn, and he bends Jordan over as Jordano face fucks his mouth. Then they flip it, and it’s Jordano’s turn to pound away at Jordan’s meaty ass, before both Jordano and Marc cum all over an exasperated, sweaty Jordan. He’s covered in cum, but given the cost of home repairs these days, it’s totally worth it.

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    Hard Black Leather from Nextdoorebony featuring Pornstars Nubius, Kiern Duecan, and Scott Alexander

    9 June, 2018 (04:30) | Nextdoorebony | By: admin

    Nubius and Kiern Duecan don’t take shit. Scott Alexander has been claiming that the two, who’re known for their rough style of sex involving various leather items, don’t have what it takes to get Scott off.

    Nubius and Kiern love to be challenged, especially when they know a naysayer’s in for far more than he’s bargained. After waiting over an hour, tied up in a cold, dark room, the lights finally flick on. Nubius and Kiern enter to find Scott wearing the outfit they prepared. It’s virtually all leather and includes a blindfold. They begin with some light punishment, and gentle but firm manhandling.

    Suddenly Scott realizes his dick is exposed and soon after feels Kiern’s warm mouth sucking. His position changes and Scott receives in his mouth Nubius’s fat meat. He feels a tongue flicking his puckering hole. Scott slowly begins to lose track of what direction is up and what is down. He can’t tell whose cock belongs to whom and where they’re coming from. He feels something enter his ass but it seems to large and firm to be just an erect dick. His blindfold is removed to reveal it IS in fact Kiern’s incredibly fat cock. Scott definitely didn’t bargain for this or what happens next. Don’t miss this outrageously erotic, leather-bound fuck fest.

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    Lazy Afternoon with Pornstar Lincoln from Nextdoorebony

    9 June, 2018 (04:09) | Nextdoorebony | By: admin

    Lincoln is reminiscing one leisurely afternoon, idly staring out the window and fantasizing as his robe falls open and his dick begs for attention.

    Since he’s all by himself, Lincoln decides to indulge in his cock’s craving, and so he begins to stroke it into a legitimate hard on as he continues to take in the landscape scenery from a corner guest room.

    As the natural light bathes his naked body, Lincoln’s focus turns to his dick, ever hardening and ready to burst in his hands, so he leans back in the chair, spreads his legs and really works it with a purpose, cumming all over his stomach as larks sing in the trees outside.

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    Big Punishment from Nextdoorebony with Pornstars Sam Swift and Race Cooper

    9 June, 2018 (03:55) | Nextdoorebony | By: admin

    Remember this on this day: NEVER cross Sam Swift. Race Cooper’s already made the mistake. He’s gonna learn quick though. He better anyway. You see, Race thought he could

    sneak into Sam’s loft and masturbate on into his pillowcase.

    Race always thought Sam was the hottest guy around the neighborhood and liked the idea that his own cum would be pressing up against Sam’s face all night long. But when Sam caught him in the act, hell would have to be paid.

    Sam wrestled Race to the floor, then tied him to a diabolical-type machine that cranked him up until his mouth was level with Sam’s cock. Race pretended to protest, all the while loving the feeling of Sam’s hard boner in the back of his throat. Then Sam untied Race from the machine and threw him onto a mattress on the floor. Sam shoved his cock into Race’s tight asshole and gave him the rest of his hard punishment. If Race learned any lesson, it was that Sam don’t stand for disrespect. Enjoy! Join Nextdoorebony click hereRead the rest