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    A Walk In The Park

    5 November, 2018 (00:34) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Str8GuyinLA (address withheld)


    I go for a walk in the park and end up the submissive,
    again. (MM, dom/sub, reluc, oral)


    I really needed to clear my head. I decided a vigorous
    exercise program would go a long way in making me
    forget about acting as a submissive slut to a grandpa
    at the rest stop. It had been four months and a
    girlfriend later and my one gay experience was buried
    in my past. Well, at least the hole was dug.

    I enjoyed hiking around the reservoir and being near my
    home made it a good way to workout as well as get
    outside in the beautiful California sunshine. During
    the winter, even in California, there just aren’t that
    many people at the reservoir and so while I saw people,
    the man made lake was sparsely populated, and so few
    people were using the park that the staffing by the
    rangers and the facilities were significantly scaled

    After about 45 minutes of hiking the lake trail I
    always needed to take a piss and that day was no
    different. As I approached the restrooms, I noticed the
    gate had been locked and began to turn away and head
    another 400 yards down the path to the next piss
    establishment. At the same time, a guy in a 70’s era
    jogging suit came out of the bushes looking a bit
    guilty of having just taken a leak on park property and
    gave me a “I had to go smile & shrug.”

    “When you gotta go… you gotta go,” I replied.

    “Where are you going?”

    “There’s another bathroom a little ways up.”

    “Oh, I didn’t know.” He now seemingly decided to join
    me on my expedition, which I really wasn’t too happy
    with. He was an odd character. Besides his light blue
    pin striped garb, he had an overly hair sprayed look
    with a gold chain to match around his neck. Kind of an
    aging disco guy look.

    I knew I was in better shape than this guy, so I
    decided to pick up my pace and soon enough he was a
    comfortable distance behind me. That was until I
    stopped and took a piss.

    As I was pissing as quickly as I could, he walked into
    the bathroom and did not follow urinal etiquette by
    taking the porcelain pisser right next to mine. I
    sighed in resignation and continued my piss.

    As I looked over, he was stroking his cock that was
    becoming erect very quickly. His cock wasn’t overly
    large but it did have a nice mushroom head and I
    couldn’t take my eyes off it. He had turned to face me,
    no longer making any pretence at taking a piss. I had
    started to zip-up but my cock was also growing which
    hindered the process of going back into my shorts.

    “Why don’t you jack-off with me?” he inquired.

    Without saying a word, I turned towards him and began
    to stroke my cock as well. He stepped closer so that
    out cocks were rubbing up against each other and I
    could smell his cheap cologne. I was really getting hot
    and knew I wanted more. He definitely picked up on my
    lust and suggested we go into a stall for a bit more

    He led me into the middle stall and gently spun me
    around so I was standing above the toilet and then he
    pushed me down so that I was sitting with his cock in
    front of my face. I didn’t wait any longer and began to
    suck his cock… first, just the mushroom head and
    eventually working my way down to swallow his entire

    I put my hand on his ass to draw him in as deeply as I
    could. He placed his hands on the back of my head and
    while his caress was soft, he began to fuck my face. I
    became aware of the sounds my throat was making as he
    rammed his cock in and out of my mouth and back of my
    throat. The little pop combined with my slight gagging
    was getting both of us off.

    Even though I hadn’t touched my cock, it was rock hard
    and I felt a giant load building up in my balls. He
    began to talk to me telling me how much he loved my
    mouth and telling me what a great cock sucker I was. I
    could feel his cock getting larger and hotter and soon
    enough he began to shoot his load down the back of my

    It was a big load that also flooded my mouth with his
    juices. I kept sucking but as his cock became semi-
    erect, he took it out of my mouth and began to wipe it
    against my face. I had swallowed his cum but his cock
    was still leaking the remnants of his powerful orgasm
    and he was smearing it on my cheeks, nose, and lips. I
    was still hot as hell when he put his cum monster back
    in his sweats and prepared to leave.

    He told me that he was at the park at least once a week
    if I wanted to meet and suck his cock. I just looked at
    him with my cock out and disbelief & his cum on my face
    as he exited the urinal.

    “Bye cocksucker,” he chuckled as he left the bathroom.
    I was, and we both knew it.


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