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    A Day at the Gloryhole

    8 March, 2019 (04:08) | Uncategorized | By: admin

    by Wantsum (address withheld)


    I was spending the afternoon at the adult book store
    and decided to visit the booths. (MM, oral, glory)


    I had a day off and the wife was out of town. I was
    sitting at home looking at porn on the internet and
    decided it would be fun to go to an adult bookstore and
    see some action in the flesh. Even though I was
    straight (I thought) I loved watching other guys jerk
    off through a gloryhole.

    I had been in the booth for about five minutes when
    someone entered the booth next door. He dropped his
    shorts and jacked off to a video and left. I was really
    hot and pretty soon another guy, jacked-off and left.

    I was about ready to leave when the door opened in the
    next booth and someone stepped in. I was looking
    through the hole and when he put money in and started
    the video, I could see him standing up rubbing his cock
    through his pants, which is a BIG turn on for me. I
    could see by his hand it was a black guy.

    It wasn’t long before he unzipped his pants and pulled
    out the most beautiful cock I have ever seen! It was an
    ebony monster, perfectly shaped, and it had to be at
    LEAST nine inches. I watched, feeling hotter than I
    could ever remember. He noticed me and turned toward
    the hole.

    He placed that beautiful monster through the hole and I
    took it in my hand. It was silky, hot, throbbing, and
    dripping pre-cum. I wanted to suck it so bad, but, I
    was afraid of disease. I had a condom and I opened it
    as I lovingly stroked that black beauty. I tried to put
    the condom on his cock but I was having trouble because
    it was so big. I got it just started over the head when
    he pulled back from the hole. I almost died! “PLEASE
    don’t take it away!” I groaned.

    I watched as he maneuvered the condom onto his monster
    and slipped it back through the hole. I immediately
    took him in my mouth and sucked in as much as I could.

    This was my first cocksucking adventure and I was in
    heaven! I could feel it getting hotter and harder and
    he was about ready to shoot his load. He pulled back
    through the hole, took the condom off and stuck it back
    through. I was so hot I wanted to drink his cum but
    still afraid, so I jacked him off, shooting a ton of
    cum across the booth.

    He left and I was a confirmed gloryhole freak!


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