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    A Day At The Naturist Beach

    8 March, 2019 (04:09) | Bisexual Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Tom Hull (


    A couple go to naturist beach. It is her first time.
    Sexual play between the couple in front of a nude guy
    takes place. Then the action moves into the dunes where
    they have a threesome. (MMF, exh, 1st-bi-expr)


    Vanessa had never been to a nudist beach before but she
    was aware that I had been to the one at Morfa Dyffryn
    in Wales. It was a huge beach, beautiful sand backed by
    sand dunes and much of it was given over to nudist
    bathers. You have to work about a mile along the beach
    before you come to the nudist part. Vanessa thought we
    had made a mistake until a naked man walked past us
    displaying his wares for all to see. She looked at me
    and bit her lip and smiled, amazed to see such a site.

    We walked a little further on until we were feeling
    distinctly overdressed in our shorts and tee shirts. We
    walked over to the edge of the dunes and picked a spot.
    As I was unpacking the bag and laying out the towels I
    had my back to Vanessa and was talking to her.

    “Don’t feel that you have to strip off,” I said,
    bearing in mind this was her first experience of a
    nudist beach. I needn’t have worried, when I turned
    round she was stark naked. I laughed and then stripped
    off myself feeling the usual tingling of excitement but
    with an extra edge because I was with her.

    She was very much at ease and I hadn’t expected her to
    be. After a while she indicated for me to look to the
    side of me. I knew that there was a single man lying
    naked, he had been there when we arrived. When I didn’t
    respond straight away she whispered for me to look over
    to the man. I looked and he saw that his cock was
    standing to attention but when he saw me look he
    quickly turned over and lay on his stomach.

    “Oh, I was enjoying that, the spoilsport, why don’t you
    have one,” she said with a glint in her eye. I was
    aware that beach etiquette frowned on the open showing
    of erections although I knew that if we went in the
    dunes we would see plenty often ‘in action’ I was
    feeling excitement but had so far managed to control
    myself. She was in a devilish mood and she whispered
    that she was going to tease the poor man.

    She got up from my side and picked up the sun tan cream
    and moved over to the other side of me and began to rub
    the cream into my chest. She was on all fours with her
    backside facing the man. I knew that he would be
    getting a very good view of her cunt as she leant over
    me. She was really teasing him and this knowledge began
    to have an effect on me and I could feel my cock
    twitching. I looked over, he was watching but still
    laying on his front.

    “Do you want to see what he can see?” she said laughing
    and she got up and went to the other side and pretended
    to pick something off the floor. I could see her cunt
    between her ass cheeks as she bent down and she pulled
    her ass cheeks apart slightly so we could both get a
    good view. This was too much for my straining cock and
    it sprang to attention immediately. I was about to turn
    over onto my stomach and she stopped me and said, “No,
    I want to see it.” I lay there knowing the guy next to
    us could see me my cock in all its glory.

    She turned back and continued to rub sun cream into my
    chest, but slowly moved down to my throbbing cock. She
    poured the cream onto its head and began massaging it
    and pulled the foreskin right back to show the purple
    head. I looked over at the man and he was still on his
    stomach but he was clearly enjoying the show and made
    no attempt to turn away when I looked over. Suddenly he
    turned over and his cock was still in the same
    condition but this time he wasn’t afraid to show it.

    Vanessa began to wank me slowly and we were both
    watching the man’s responses. He began to mirror
    Vanessa’s movements on his own cock and soon he was
    well away. Vanessa was clearly excited, her nipples
    were really erect and I reached out and felt between
    her legs, she was soaking wet.

    “I want you,” she said. “I want your cock in me,” she

    “Not here, others can see,” I replied. I was aware that
    the beach was filling up and there were people getting
    ever nearer to where we were. “Let’s go into the
    dunes,” I suggested.

    We both got up and began to walk towards the dunes. My
    cock erect and bouncing as I walked, Vanessa laughed at
    the sight and grabbed me by the cock and led me towards
    the dunes. As we passed or erect neighbour, Vanessa
    told him that we were going in the dunes for a bit more
    privacy but that he could come and watch if he wanted.
    The man must have thought all his birthdays had come at
    once! Needless to say he followed us as we made our way
    over to the dunes.

    We found a dip in the dunes and Vanessa went down on
    her knees and began to suck my cock. The guy who had
    followed us was standing about ten feet away and he
    began to wank as he watched. Vanessa pulled me down to
    the ground and continued to suck me. With her arse in
    the air I knew what view the man was getting and he was
    clearly getting increasingly excited as was I.

    I had to ask her to stop for a while and she whispered
    that she wanted me to go down on her and lick her cunt,
    something I was of course, more than willing to do. She
    lay on the ground and spread her legs and I went down
    and began to kiss and lick and kiss what was, now, a
    very wet place.

    She began to moan as I licked her and when I looked up
    at her I could see her gaze was fixed on the man
    watching us. I looked over to him. His cock was
    standing almost parallel to his stomach and he was
    walking slowly nearer to us. He stopped when he
    realised I was watching him too and he began to rub his
    cock slowly. It was clear that Vanessa was getting a
    thrill being watched by this man and seeing his obvious
    excitement. She beckoned me to her and began to kiss me
    hard on the lips, the taste of her own cunt still on my

    She whispered into my ear, “Get him to come closer, I
    want a better view,” she gave nervous laugh as if she
    were unsure what my reaction might be.

    I was just excited by her clear pleasure in the
    situation and I stood up, my cock standing erect and I
    beckoned the man over to us. He looked a little
    cautious at first but then Vanessa said, “Come on over,
    it’s ok.”

    He began to walk towards us and stopped two or three
    feet away. His cock was even more impressive close up,
    it was about seven and a half inches long but very
    thick. Vanessa began playing with my cock again and the
    man moved to be next to us. Vanessa looked at me, I
    knew she was asking if I was alright with her touching
    this stranger’s cock and without saying a word she knew
    I was fine with it. She held onto my erect cock and
    grabbed the man’s and pulled back his foreskin to
    reveal a massive cock head already glistening with

    Watching Vanessa playing with another man’s cock was
    almost too much for me to bear and I could have cum
    there and then but managed to control myself with some
    difficulty. She let go of his cock and went down on her
    knees and began to suck on mine. The stranger moved a
    little towards her until his cock was touching her
    cheek as she had mine in her mouth. She took mine out
    and then began to suck on his and then she began
    rubbing our cocks together.

    Vanessa knew I had a bit of a bi-curious side and I
    think she was testing me out and teasing me. I just
    know that I liked it and judging by the other guy he
    liked it too. She then took my hand guided it down to
    her soaking wet pussy and then moved it again this time
    guiding it to the other man’s cock. I hesitated but
    then she looked at me and said, “Go on, for me,” she
    looked at the other guy and then asked him if he minded
    and he just smiled and shook his head.

    How could I refuse her request. I put my hand
    tentatively on his cock and then sensing my nervousness
    she put her hand over mine and moved it up and down,
    each time exposing the man’s glistening cock head. I
    soon got the hang of it and by the look on the guy’s
    face he was enjoying my ministrations. Vanessa took
    hold of the man’s hand and led it to her pussy and she
    began to move against it.

    As I was wanking off our new found friend my cock was
    bouncing up and down with the movement. Vanessa soon
    enclosed her hand around it and began to synchronise
    until I had to tell her to stop as I was almost
    exploding. The guy also halted my movements on him as
    he was obviously feeling the same. Vanessa then lay
    down on the sand and beckoned us to concentrate on her.

    I started to rub her between the legs, she was dripping
    wet, the other guy played with her breasts, her nipples
    were erect and he squeezed them until she squealed. He
    moved his hand down to join mine and I moved my hand
    down to Vanessa’s arse and gently pushed one finger in
    her hole, I knew she loved this particularly when I was
    inside her.

    The guy began rubbing her clit and I gently went in and
    out of her little hole. I knew that she was going to
    come and she began moaning and writhing until it was
    hard to control our movements. She came with a scream
    that seemed to echo around the dunes and I expected
    people to come flocking to see what was going on.

    I knew Vanessa and I knew that she would want to come
    again. She lay down on the sand and opened her legs
    invitingly. The guy was really excited and he rushed
    forward to put his cock inside her glistening wide open
    cunt but she very strongly said,’ ‘Oh no, anything else
    but that, that’s reserved’ and she beckoned me to
    enter. This didn’t deflate the guy (no pun intended) he
    continued to watch and wank himself. We changed
    positions and Vanessa put her arse in the air and I
    entered her from behind.

    She quickly came again and I just about stopped myself
    from cumming. She turned round and whispered that she
    wanted me to do something for her and she was laughing.
    She wanted to watch me suck this guy’s cock. I had
    never done such a thing and I was reluctant. She
    pleaded with me until I relented and she asked the guy
    if he would let me do it. I think that he was beyond
    caring , he just wanted some release now. I approached
    his cock tentatively and began to suck the end, it was
    salty and wet with precum.

    I took the plunge and put it all in my mouth as far as
    it would go. Vanessa began to suck my cock all the time
    looking up to see me with a cock in my mouth. She was
    really getting off on this. Suddenly I felt a pulsing
    in his cock and knew he was going to cum I didn’t know
    whether to pull away or let it shoot in my mouth.

    Vanessa shouted for me to keep it in my mouth and the
    first salty tang hit my tongue then another spurt and
    another until I had to let his cock out of my mouth and
    he continued shooting over my chest and stomach. My
    mouth was full of his cum I wasn’t too sure whether to
    swallow or spit it out but then Vanessa quickly began
    to kiss me and I passed his cum into her mouth and she
    quickly swallowed it and then began to lick his cum off
    my stomach and chest. The guy stood watching, still
    hard, his cock twitching.

    By now I just wanted release and Vanessa knew it and
    she straddled me again and began moving with my cock
    inside her. Within a minute I could feel my cock ready
    to shoot. Vanessa quickly moved off me and put her hand
    around my cock and wanked me until I shot my spunk
    everywhere, over her face in my stomach and chest and
    in the sand.

    It felt like it wasn’t going to end as spurt after
    spurt came. She licked it all p when I had finished.
    The guy began to walk away but she called him and went
    up to him and kissed him full on the lips, thanking him
    for such a good time. We never saw him again and never
    even knew his name but I am sure that he would remember
    this time for the rest of his life.

    This was the first of many adventures on this beach, if
    you like I can tell you more soon.

    To be continued?

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