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    Johnny Torque at Nextdoortwink

    22 May, 2018 (18:55) | Hot Twinks Sex | By: admin

    Johnny Torque is a hot twink check him at Nextdoortwink. These are pics from the video Step-Brat and the story goes:Maybe Kevin Summers is still adjusting to being in a new home, part of a new family.

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    Or maybe his bad attitude is due to the strict nature by which his new stepbrother, Johnny Torque, treats him.Today, Johnny happened to be walking by Kevin’s room when he noticed, through the cracked door, that Kevin STILL had not tidied up his room, even 3 days after Johnny’s father, Kevin’s Stepdad, had asked him. Johnny felt it was at this point that his duty as an older stepbrother was calling.

    He burst in and yelled at Kevin about the messiness of the room. Kevin did little but give Johnny a sass mouth and turn over on his stomach while listening to headphones. This really pissed Johnny off. He grabbed Kevin by the legs, yanked him close and proceeded to spank the boy. Kevin screamed in protest, but Johnny just smacked harder. Eventually, Johnny pulled Kevin’s pants down and ripped off his underwear.Swat after swat, Kevin shrieked in agony. Johnny’s spanking soon turned to fingering of Kevin’s asshole.

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