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    Mennation for Men Seeking Men Relationships

    Mennation is a large gay bisexual hookup site for men seeking men. It’s a great place for gay, and especially bisexuals and those who are into them including women and straight men. Yes, straight men who don’t classify themselves are members just as well as women who like bisexual or sexual fluid men. It’s popular place with millions of members and the chance to find a compatible partner is great. Partnerships can range from sex only encounters and up to marriages. It’s all about the connection! Though Mennation is its own website, there are many members from Adultfriendfinder who are looking for gay and bisexual and mmf experiences.

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    Mennation Sign Up
    Signing up is easy. Just fill out a simple form with birthdate and creating a username and password. Your email is used to send a confirmation and that’s it. The free membership gives you a chance to look around but to get the best out of the site, a paid membership is best. Filing out the profile is best. If you only have a username and password, members can’t find out much about you. There are some excellent features about Mennation that allow members to check you out without compromising your privacy though. There are several levels of membership.
    Membership Levels at Mennation
    Free as noted about, the free membership gives limited access. You can chat in chatrooms and webcams and receive messages but can’t message members for more.
    One Month $30
    Three Months $60
    One Year $180
    Paid memberships gives the most access. You can message members using the Mennation messaging service. None of this goes to your own private email which is a bonus for privacy. There are also various add ons such a buying tokens for members but the base membership rate is as noted and you can always call customer service for information.

    One trick to get the annual membership for $77 is to sign up and wait for a week. You will get an email with a discount rate for a massive savings. You won’t regret it either since Mennation has chatrooms cams, sexstories, and more.

    Mennation Webcams and Chatrooms

    mennation webcams
    Mennation is a dating site but functions almost as its own social media site. You can chat in chatrooms and video cam chatrooms where members are broadcasting almost all the time. Checking out members is great especially if they are located near you. You can literally check out your next partner from their broadcast. You can also broadcast yourself and attract new partners.



    mennation blogs
    A great way to meet people who might be interested in you without compromising your privacy is to create a blog. Blogs show the world what you’re interested in and where you spend your time. And members can see this and find someone with shared interests. It’s a great starting point for any connection.

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    Interest Groups
    Another great feature of Mennation is the interest groups. Members can create a group as an online meeting place for members. There are groups from around the world and include Mennation Naughty Community, Blowjobs by men for men, bi guys who like to be watched, Upscale Men Nation, Midwest Bisexuals and more. There as many groups as there are member’s interests and if you can’t find one, you can start your own. Some of the groups meet offline for hookups too! With millions of members finding a group of like minded people can be challenging but Mennation has an advanced search feature that allows you to narrow down the list of groups with those members might like. See the picture below. Simply type a key word of something you like and click search. In the example below, the key word was “bisexual”. You can use any word you like such as “big cocks”.
    Another way to browse for groups is using the “browse by topics” link at the top of the page. Click browse by topic and you’ll see the list of groups in categories. Click one of the categories and find a sub category and so on till you find a group to your liking. Some of the groups have local chapters in your area so you can meet up safely with real like-minded individuals.
    The magazine section also has forum on many topics. You can post questions or answers on various subjects including:Breaking Up, Building a Relationship, Dating, Dating Safety, Erotic Stories, First Dates, Fitness and Health, Poems, Sex Secrets, Swinging and more.

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    Mennation Success Stories
    These are success stories from real members of Mennation.

    dogy9inch said
    I have meat two couples here that are amusing got the chance to explorer most o my fantasies and do thing I never would image before so its been great.

    Vinniengin said
    I have to say it…. .Wow this site is awesome! has got me more trim than I have had in years. I was worried getting the up grade and I went ahead and did it and after about 3 days got my first hit then almost everyday after that so thanks for the service yall provide it’s really REAL!

    Skinnyguy545 said
    This sight lets me be my self I can show people that I enjoy my panties and get to know people just like me

    Myshell1980 said
    my husband and I have been together now for almost 11 years! Married for 10 of those. He is the love of m life, tho he lived a secret life! He has lived in the shadows of he true freaking most amazing , and most amazing sex life I have had the pleasure of being a BIG PART OF. he is BI. I have known since day 10 in to our dating. Yet in the past if I talked about him liking guys he would flip out on me. At my wits end I thought it was over and he no longer wanted me or needed my love above everything else. So I took our kids and left. I came back only after 48 hours of leaving. I got some what the truth. I was very hurt. yet I felt very sorry for my love , because after all this time my sweet loving MAN gave me a sex life most can only dream of and he was truly not getting the best in the sex life he created for us by NOT being honest with himself as well as me. i quickly became very hot and ready to do things with him. I truly love sharing DICK with my husband and taking him and his sex drive to hole new levels.. I can not gget back the last 10 yrs , but I can make the next 20 thE BEST HE HAS EVER Had…..i intend TO DO JUST THAT… THANKS FOR READING

    bratbbratt said
    OMG the last guy i met at WAS UNBELIEVEABLE he was my age and about the same size except his dick. he had the biggest cock i have ever had, he said it was a little over 13″ long (i measured it it was a little under 15′ and thick)!

    He asked me for a drink I asked what do you like he laughed and said Bushmill. a shot glass straight up? I asked. he just looked at me, i poured a tumbler 2/3 full. I asked “anything else you need daddy?

    Suck it now! mmmmmm i said and got down on the floor. he stuck it in my mouth it was warm and hard i was so fucking horny but I was not sure what i was going to do. then he rammed it in my mouth I could feel it deep inside of me and i was not able to breath any more, o shit t thaught then i opened my eyes and saw he was only about half way in another thrust and i felt his big black balls on my chin. i couldant take it any more and started to gag still unable to breath he pulled out about half way and said breath bitch if you take it out of your mouth i am going to finish my scotch and leave!

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