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    Noirmale Where Hot Blacks Cum to Play

    Move over thug nigga, street dudes on the low, down low black guys. There’s a new gay porn site called Noirmale. Noir in French is black. Noirmale presents the sophisticated black male in good roles like the boss, or yoga instructor. They’re still slinging the big cocks but it certainly is a refreshing change from the same old street black scene that dominates the gay black porn landscape. The videos are mostly directed by porn legend Chi Chi Larue.

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    Chi Chi Larue whose real name is Larry David Paciotti, is the legendary porn director. He’s been at since 1988 and has hundreds of videos under his belt. He started at Falcon studios. Yes, the all beef “straight” website and has been at it ever since. He coined the term “straight for pay” referring to Blake Riley’s first male femal encounter. He has multiple awards for his work including Gayvn awards, Cyber Socket awards, AVN awards among others. And now he’s bringing all that to Noir Male.

    Some of the hot videos at Noir Male include:

    Big Black Daddy

    Armand Rizzo can no longer handle his hot muscle-daddy stepfather flaunting himself in front of him every morning. He feels purposely tempted by his gorgeous step-daddy, when Max walks around half dressed with his stunning body and juicy ass begging for his young, Latin stepson’s attention. Armond is wound so tight his balls ache with desire as he makes his move, the sexy power-bottom is ready for his big black daddy’s cock deep inside his aching asshole!

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    Black, White And Wet

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    The Yoga Instructor

    Sexy tattooed stud Danny Gunn gets a private, at home yoga lesson from dark and delicious Timarrie Baker. Danny has been lusting after Timarrie’s hard body and ever harder cock since he first set eyes on him at the gym–craving the touch of Timarrie’s strong hands and thick muscled body leaves Danny wound tight and ready to explode with some fierce cravings for the sexy man’s juicy ass. Danny needs his holes filled and wants every ounce of Timarrie’s hot cum.

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    The Job Interview

    There is no doubt who the boss is, and Ray Diesel is the epitome of a strong and sexy boss. His newly hired assistant, Seth Santoro, has taken full notice of his hot boss, now he just needs to show Ray he has all the qualifications that Ray requires. Ray sits down with Seth to let him know exactly what he needs to do to get ahead in the company and Seth is more than happy to give head to get ahead, as he slurps on the man’s massive cock, taking him deep. Ray’s got the perfect assistant now, happy to fill all his needs while he fills Seth’s hot holes.

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    My Girlfriend’s Brother

    When Remy Cruz’s girlfriend asks him if her brother can stay with him for a bit he agrees, but he is shocked at how hot Nick Fitt is, and it doesn’t help that he’s a nudest! Remy cannot stop fantasizing about what it would be like to suck Nick’s big, thick, dick that’s been flaunted around his cock-craving face! Time to have a taste of Nick’s fit body and slick holes.

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    Strip Poker

    While playing poker, things get extra freaky with these hot and hard boys! Deciding that money isn’t enough, the stakes are raised for the ultimate pleasure…Whoever loses the most clothes has to suck cock. Noah Donovan, Aaron Reese, Kurtis Wolfe and Ziggy Banks go all-in determined to win this game of seduction, as the four muscle studs engage in the steamiest gangbang, where everyone ends up winning as streams of hot cum cover their sweat soaked bodies. With intense dick sucking and hardcore fucking like never before–this scene is unforgettable!

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