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    Xui and Me – Gay Asian Interracial Story

    12 May, 2018 (10:59) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by jasper_goat (


    A boy’s friendship with a young Chinese student develops
    into a closer bond after a night out together.

    I didn’t pay too much attention when Dad announced that
    we would have another house guest for a few days. He is
    a lecturer at the local university and often invites his
    research students back for a meal or to stay for the
    weekend. Usually they are pretty boring, content to have
    long, earnest discussions with Dad over endless cups of
    coffee in his den. So you can understand why it wasn’t
    with any great sense of excitement that I watched Dad’s
    beat-up Ford pull into the driveway and saw two
    passengers emerge.

    Dad came up the porch steps followed by what seemed to be
    an enormous bunch of flowers on legs. When the bouquet
    was handed over to Mom, Xui emerged from behind the
    foliage smiling shyly. Xui, (He told us to pronounce it
    Shu-way) was small and slim with a round smiling face and
    large uptilted brown eyes. Over a meal he told us that he
    had left Hong Kong three years ago to study in England
    and had just arrived in the States to carry out further
    research work.

    His English was good but he had some quirky expressions
    of his own that made us all smile. I learnt that he was a
    year or two older than me, but his boyish looks made him
    seem much younger. He was certainly different from the
    usual students that Dad took under his wing and I could
    see that he had already made a big hit with Mom, who
    fluttered around him like a mother hen.… Read the rest