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    A Ride In The Rain

    5 November, 2018 (00:31) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by b100dr00t (


    A college freshman hitchhikes home in the rain and is
    picked up by a traveling salesman who teaches an
    introductory class called Hand-job 101. (MM, exh, 1st-
    gay-expr, mast)


    I went to college about 75 miles from my home. About
    once a month I would go home for the weekend, bringing
    my laundry with me in a battered brown case that once
    belonged to my father. I’m sure my mother noticed the
    dried pale yellow stains on my T-shirts and briefs but
    mercifully never said a word.

    Because I didn’t own a car, I had to take a couple of
    busses, and then hitchhike the remaining 30 miles.
    Back in those days, hitchhiking was more common and
    safer. And so, one cold, rainy November night, I found
    myself standing beside the highway at my last bus
    stop. My breath mixed with the unrelenting drizzle and
    after half-an-hour I wondered if I’d ever catch a
    ride. But after another fifteen minutes a big, late-
    model Chrysler pulled over. I opened the rear door and
    tossed in my case, then got into the front seat.

    “Helluva night for hitchhiking!” said the driver. He
    was a tall, heavily-built man, about 45 years old and

    “It sure is!” I said. “Thanks for stopping.”

    He didn’t bother to introduce himself, and neither did
    I. He asked where I as headed and when I told him, he
    said that dropping me off at my home would take him
    just a few miles out of his way.… Read the rest