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    An Understanding

    5 November, 2018 (00:43) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by dale10 (


    An experienced Top comes to an understanding with a
    fresh faced teen cocksucker in the making. (Mm, reluc,
    d/s, oral, military)


    Subject: An Understanding

    Cal: Well, here we are, Boy. On your knees in front of
    me and both of us naked. You were so shy, there were
    times at the bar, I thought we’d never get here. I
    almost rejected you and moved on to some other cute
    little twink.

    Billy: I’m glad you didn’t, Sir. I’m glad you stayed
    with me.

    Cal: Well, we’ll see if I’m glad too. Are you a good
    cocksucker, boy? I’m very particular about my
    cocksuckers. I like a nice young fresh mouth, but I also
    like expertise! I don’t like to hurry though a dicksuck
    and just blast my load in twenty minutes or so. NO, I
    like to take a nice long time. I’ll have a boy sucking
    on me for an hour or more on and off. Are you going to
    be able to do that, Boy?

    Billy: I’ll try, Sir. I’ll try my best.

    Cal: You are a dumb cunt. Trying is not good enough. You
    have to succeed with me. I am not a Trial Man or a Test
    Man! You practice for months and months on other dicks,
    and then when you know… not think, but know that you
    are an A Number One cocksucker… then and only then you
    come to me! You’ve got a lot of nerve coming on to me at
    the bar, not sure if you can handle my fuckmeat.… Read the rest