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    Tag: interracial

    Deelux Apartment from Nextdoorebony with Pornstars Nubius, Luc Bonay, Draven Torres and Aron Ridge

    9 June, 2018 (13:04) | Nextdoorebony | By: admin

    Draven Torres is a hard working guy. He doesn’t often slack, but when he does take a break, he makes it count. Draven’s been hired on to assist with an apartment remodel, high in what will be a luxurious penthouse suite. When his coworker, Luc Bonay, suggests the two take a break to taste each other’s cocks, of course Draven is excited. He’s wanted to hook up with hot Luc since they both showed up at the site. He’s finally getting to enjoy what he knew would be a nice meaty dick.

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    But soon after Luc slides his erection between Draven’s eager lips, the job manager, Aron Ridge, returns to the apartment! And even worse, he’s brought an interested buyer, a man going simply by the name Nubius. Aron catches them in the act and is quite pissed off. That is until Nubius expresses that if he and Aron can join in, the chance he’ll make a solid offer would greatly increase!

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    Aron is a shrewd business man, so he makes the decision to go ‘balls out!’ They pull out their already hardening cocks for Luc and Draven to suck. They’re happy to get their mouths around these fatty boners, especially if it means they won’t be in trouble. But that’s not all Nubius wants for the bargain. He’s aching to fuck Draven’s tight hole. And Aron’s game to pound Luc’s ass at the same time.… Read the rest

    Contract Work from Nextdoorebony with Pornstars Marc Williams, Jordano Santoro, and Jordan Deep

    9 June, 2018 (05:10) | Nextdoorebony | By: admin

    Description : Jordan Deep is waiting on a few contractors who are set to deliver a quote concerning a kitchen remodel. Marc Williams and Jordano Santoro are good contractors and their prices reflect that in their quote. Jordan protests, and offers that there must be a compromise that can be reached. Marc reminds him that good doesn’t come cheap, and that gives Jordan an idea. With that he drops to his knees and pulls out Marc’s dick while Jordano starts to fondle himself.

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    Before long at all, Jordano has joined them and now Jordan is throating both cocks in the kitchen. Feeling like they could spread out more in the living room, he sheds his pants and tells the others to follow him. Into the living room, where the three of them begin to suck each off before Marc and Jordano decide to get some of this sweet ass.

    First it’s Marc’s turn, and he bends Jordan over as Jordano face fucks his mouth. Then they flip it, and it’s Jordano’s turn to pound away at Jordan’s meaty ass, before both Jordano and Marc cum all over an exasperated, sweaty Jordan. He’s covered in cum, but given the cost of home repairs these days, it’s totally worth it.

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    Big Punishment from Nextdoorebony with Pornstars Sam Swift and Race Cooper

    9 June, 2018 (03:55) | Nextdoorebony | By: admin

    Remember this on this day: NEVER cross Sam Swift. Race Cooper’s already made the mistake. He’s gonna learn quick though. He better anyway. You see, Race thought he could

    sneak into Sam’s loft and masturbate on into his pillowcase.

    Race always thought Sam was the hottest guy around the neighborhood and liked the idea that his own cum would be pressing up against Sam’s face all night long. But when Sam caught him in the act, hell would have to be paid.

    Sam wrestled Race to the floor, then tied him to a diabolical-type machine that cranked him up until his mouth was level with Sam’s cock. Race pretended to protest, all the while loving the feeling of Sam’s hard boner in the back of his throat. Then Sam untied Race from the machine and threw him onto a mattress on the floor. Sam shoved his cock into Race’s tight asshole and gave him the rest of his hard punishment. If Race learned any lesson, it was that Sam don’t stand for disrespect. Enjoy! Join Nextdoorebony click hereRead the rest

    A Night in Heaven – a Gay Sex Story

    21 May, 2018 (10:41) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    By Masuk (


    This all started about a year and a half ago. I had
    lost my first-ever boyfriend, and there is a saying,
    ‘the older they are, the harder they fall’. I had
    fallen madly in love with a Gay Asian Male (GAM), I
    visited his hometown where we had a wild week in a
    hotel and lots of sight-seeing, but when he came to
    Australia, my dreams were shattered when he found there
    were a lot more of us GWMs than in his home country,
    and he could pick and choose. I wasn’t the chosen one!
    (MM, asian, intr, oral, anal)


    In my despair, I drifted back to my home state, to see
    my aging parents, family and friends, and best of all,
    a new GAM friend who I’d met on the net, and we’d
    agreed that we console ourselves with each other’s
    company for a week. He kept irreverently referring to
    our liaison as the ‘June Bonk’.

    We had long discussions into the wee small hours,
    (amongst other things) and out of this came the
    suggestion – “instead of worrying about early
    retirement; why don’t you go and study again, and go to
    work in Asia amongst the people you like so much”. From
    this acorn of a suggestion, I started making enquiries
    the next morning, and could see the oak starting to
    sprout. The University said that they only ran post-
    graduate courses – go and see someone else. I was
    referred around the city, and eventually heard the
    suggestion I wanted to hear.… Read the rest

    Xui and Me – Gay Asian Interracial Story

    12 May, 2018 (10:59) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by jasper_goat (


    A boy’s friendship with a young Chinese student develops
    into a closer bond after a night out together.

    I didn’t pay too much attention when Dad announced that
    we would have another house guest for a few days. He is
    a lecturer at the local university and often invites his
    research students back for a meal or to stay for the
    weekend. Usually they are pretty boring, content to have
    long, earnest discussions with Dad over endless cups of
    coffee in his den. So you can understand why it wasn’t
    with any great sense of excitement that I watched Dad’s
    beat-up Ford pull into the driveway and saw two
    passengers emerge.

    Dad came up the porch steps followed by what seemed to be
    an enormous bunch of flowers on legs. When the bouquet
    was handed over to Mom, Xui emerged from behind the
    foliage smiling shyly. Xui, (He told us to pronounce it
    Shu-way) was small and slim with a round smiling face and
    large uptilted brown eyes. Over a meal he told us that he
    had left Hong Kong three years ago to study in England
    and had just arrived in the States to carry out further
    research work.

    His English was good but he had some quirky expressions
    of his own that made us all smile. I learnt that he was a
    year or two older than me, but his boyish looks made him
    seem much younger. He was certainly different from the
    usual students that Dad took under his wing and I could
    see that he had already made a big hit with Mom, who
    fluttered around him like a mother hen.… Read the rest

    Afghan Fuck Mission – Gay Military Sex Story

    11 May, 2018 (00:13) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Martin Rammsonde (


    Soldiers come across a couple of Afghan civilians
    engaged in homosexual activity and decide to intervene.
    (MMM, intr, military, asian, anal)


    The HMMVW rolled to a stop before a farmhouse north of
    Kandahar. PFC Chu raised his IR goggles and surveyed
    the scene. The heat sources bloomed and receded as he
    adjusted the image, until three sources stood clear.
    “Sergeant!” he called clearly to the companion seated
    beside him, “three signatures, two engaged!”

    Sgt Willsen chewed his lit cigar. He was a tough
    African-American, an army man since graduating high
    school, and hard to impress. Chu hadn’t let him down
    since they’d arrived in theatre. Best fucking IR
    analyst he’d had. He bit the end off his cigar and spat
    a wad of tobacco.

    “All male?” he asked.

    Chris Chu viewed the balls of light that illuminated
    his goggle. “Affirmative. Single male in north-west
    corner of compound, two males, uh, plowing ass in the
    south-east corner”. The horny asian grabbed his own
    crotch and squeezed as he watched the blurry
    fornicators thrusting in his goggles.

    “You sure?” his section commander asked. “three target
    males?” He trusted Chu implicitly, but he would ask all
    the same. Plowing ass was interesting. His cock
    twitched at the thought of watching handsome Afghans
    breeding Afghans.

    “IR don’t lie,” Chris replied, “I can see their fuckin’
    peckers.” The lone Afghan was lit up in IR by his
    sweaty balls. The other two were illuminated where
    one’s cock was sliding into the other’s tight ass, and
    by the IR signature given off by their jizz-swollen
    balls.… Read the rest