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    A Tale of Four Blowjobs – 3

    9 June, 2018 (13:16) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Kimmie Holland (address withheld)
    A sissy goes to sleep with a cock in her mouth--and 
    wakes up with a cock in her mouth. (M/m-teen, ora, tv, 
    3. Morning Wood Sucker
    Next morning, fittingly, it's his cock that wakes me, 
    insistently pressing against the crack of my ass; it's 
    sometime well before dawn, the room dark and soft as 
    blue chenille, and though his penis is up and strutting 
    about, cock-a-doodle-doo, H is still sound asleep with 
    his arm around my waist. Nevertheless he's 
    unconsciously thrusting his pelvis against me, his 
    erection instinctively seeking entrance into my warm, 
    soft body. It's endearing, I think, this blind drive to 
    hump me. I'd like to encourage it at every opportunity. 
    Yes, that's it, the idea I want to get across: I am a 
    I reach behind me and take hold of H's cock and guide 
    it between the cheeks of my ass, which is already 
    sticky with the precum of his earlier somnolent efforts 
    to penetrate me. The head of his cock feels so smooth, 
    so sleek, so hot...and so very big against my tight 
    little hole. Alas, I can't wait for the day when H can 
    simply roll over and sleepily fuck me at will, bend me 
    over anywhere and everywhere, whenever the mood strikes 
    him, to deposit an urgent load of cum in my ass.
    And why stop there? Mouth, ass, even if they hollow me 
    out a hardly seems as if the body's potential 
    to give pleasure has been even close to fully utilized.
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    A Tale of Four Blowjobs – 2

    9 June, 2018 (13:15) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Kimmie Holland (address withheld)
    A sissy goes to sleep with a cock in her mouth -- and 
    wakes up with a cock in her mouth. (MM, tv, oral)
    2. Pillow Talk with a Mouthful 
    Having changed into a short black chemise, I tiptoe 
    around the bed and slip under the blankets next to H. 
    His big body radiates heat and has already warmed the 
    sheets. This is my favorite part of the evening. I curl 
    up, snuggle close, almost clinging to him, like a koala 
    bear on a eucalyptus tree. He puts a heavily-muscled 
    arm around my waist and pulls me even closer, his hand, 
    burning like a brand, resting possessively on the bare 
    cheek of my ass, a.k.a. his ass, as he occasionally 
    likes to remind me.
    "Whose ass is this?" he'll ask, giving me a playful�if 
    still stinging�slap on the bottom. Or sticking his 
    finger inside me without preamble.
    "Don't forget it."
    "I won't."
    From where I lie nestled against his hairy chest, I 
    stare up at the shadows of the roses that he brought me 
    earlier in the evening; they're dancing hypnotically on 
    the ceiling in the scant light of a scented tea candle. 
    H. begins to reminisce in the dark. He's recalling the 
    night he took me to an upscale restaurant along the 
    shore. I was wearing an itsy-bitsy backless black mini-
    dress, silver heels, black thigh-highs. He tells me 
    that as we walked up the stairs to the dining room he 
    could see the exposed place between the tops of my 
    stockings and my sheer panties.
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    Allejandro and the Glory Hole

    11 May, 2018 (00:21) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Tinman (


    On a visit to a Denver adult book store, I meet a cute,
    willing new friend and we share a joint and more. (MM,
    voy, oral, mast, marijuana)


    I’ve been sucked many times in booths and through glory
    holes, but I have only sucked a few guys in return. I’m
    really picky, I guess, but unless a guy’s cock is
    actually attractive to me, and he’s squeaky clean
    looking in appearance, dress, grooming, etc., I’m not
    really interested in him. But I do crave cock every now
    and then, although I also love sex with women. I guess
    that’s why I’m called “Bi.”

    One night, I was pretty horny with nothing else to do,
    so I visited the Adult Bookstore on North Federal
    Street in Denver. This was a popular place with about
    twenty private booths with lockable doors. There almost
    always were a number of guys there, and it was a good
    place to make a contact or get some easy and very good

    Each booth had a little red light over it, and when you
    pumped tokens into the machine, that little red light
    came on outside – the booths were dark inside except
    for the light from the TV screen. If one of those
    little red lights outside was on, and the door was
    ajar, it generally meant that the person inside the
    booth was interested in having company. But, of course,
    the glory holes were more favored for making contact.

    This night I got five dollars worth of tokens, made my
    way into the dimly lighted hallway where all the booths
    were, and found an unoccupied one.… Read the rest