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    Lazy Afternoon with Pornstar Lincoln from Nextdoorebony

    9 June, 2018 (04:09) | Nextdoorebony | By: admin

    Lincoln is reminiscing one leisurely afternoon, idly staring out the window and fantasizing as his robe falls open and his dick begs for attention.

    Since he’s all by himself, Lincoln decides to indulge in his cock’s craving, and so he begins to stroke it into a legitimate hard on as he continues to take in the landscape scenery from a corner guest room.

    As the natural light bathes his naked body, Lincoln’s focus turns to his dick, ever hardening and ready to burst in his hands, so he leans back in the chair, spreads his legs and really works it with a purpose, cumming all over his stomach as larks sing in the trees outside.

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    Your Boyfriend

    12 May, 2018 (10:56) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Mr. Silk (


    You enjoyed the threesome last night. Finally, you
    fulfilled your fantasy of taking two cocks at once. But
    you would have never guessed that yet another fantasy
    would be fulfilled the next day. (MM, voy, reluc, oral,


    After our first night of fucking, V and I have pretty
    much worn you out. So the next day, you find yourself
    in need of a nap. We both say that’s cool, and retire
    to the bedroom as V and I play video games to kill
    time. You fall asleep to the beeps and bangs of virtual

    The sounds that you wake to are altogether different.
    There are moans and groans. A man’s voice saying,
    “Oooo, yeah!” A woman saying, “Fuck me harder!”

    It’s a little difficult to sleep through, and so you
    make your way to the living room, where you see V and I
    watching porn on the same TV where we had been playing
    video games. Our back is to you, and you almost decide
    to join us, but as you see us squirm in our seats, you
    think it better to wait and watch. What do boys say
    when a woman isn’t around?

    “Goddamn I love the way her tits bounce,” I say.

    V nods as he sips his beer. “Fucking great. And check
    out the way she sucks that dick. That girl just loves
    sucking dick.”

    “Heh, kind of like S, huh?”

    “Damn right.”

    At that praise, you step forward, but when you see the
    tents in our pants you stop.… Read the rest