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    Big Black Cock Jerking and Sex Story

    22 May, 2018 (18:18) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    The gym had gotten quieter as the night approached. Many of men had left and all there was the smell of moisture from the showers. Randy had just come in after a long day at the office. He’d just finished a marathon research report and was ready for some rest and relaxation. Randy was a tall 6’8″ caramel complexioned black guy. His basketball skills got him a free ride in college and a couple of years in the pros. Nothing spectacular but he was 26 and richer than most guys. Now away from the baller world, he was finishing a law degree and interning at a firm.

    His body was hot from the weekly workouts. A six pack abs, muscular arms and ass. He was a sight to do a doubletake anywhere.

    At the gym, he was doing free weights when he asked John to spot him as he lifted. John was a 25 year old guy who had his first restaurant. The restaurant was the talk of the town getting featured in the news with celebrity comings and goings.

    As he spotted him, Randy looked up and noticed John’s bulge. Though he didn’t consider himself gay, he got a hard to miss hardon. He braced himself, sucked it in and returned the spotting favor for John. John’s cock was coming out of his shorts as he lifted. Randy pretended not to notice as he continued. After the free weight spotting, they went to their own favorite exercises, John the rower and Randy the stationary bike.… Read the rest