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    A Tale of Four Blowjobs – 4

    9 June, 2018 (13:18) | Gay Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Kimmie Holland (address withheld)
    A sissy goes to sleep with a cock in her mouth--and 
    wakes up with a cock in her mouth. (M/m-teen, oral, tv, 
    4. Cock-a-doodle-doo (and bacon too!)
    I kiss H on the forehead and slip out of bed. A girl 
    needs to tidy herself up first thing in the morning and 
    a girl like me needs even more tidying up than most. In 
    front of the mirror, I survey the ravages. Not so bad. 
    It could be worse, much worse, and don't I know it. A 
    touch up here and there and I'm reasonably presentable. 
    I pad into the kitchen, still in my fishnet stockings, 
    get the coffee started, wash last night's dishes.
    From whence forth comes this instinct�so immediate and 
    unalloyed that indeed I can only call it "instinct"�to 
    take care of an alpha male, to satisfy his desires, to 
    feed his appetites, all his appetites? I ponder this 
    question while the coffee drips into the carafe and I 
    tend to the bacon for H's breakfast sizzling in the 
    I've done another quick change into a pink babydoll and 
    a pair of low-heeled open-toed mules, the kind with the 
    superfluous little feather puff on the instep�a 
    metaphor for my existence. I look like a complete pansy 
    standing there in my pigtails but I feel so strangely 
    content and complete: could it be that, ridiculous as 
    it is, this is the role I was engendered to fulfill in 
    the Great Movie of Oblivion?
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