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    The world today has embraced men seeking men for dating and sexual relationships like never before. Gay people have made gains in legal acceptance and recognition as partners. There was a time when gay relationships were kept secret. No telling the effect it had on the psyche. While it may still be true today. There is still a closet for many who don’t feel comfortable coming out. But for those men who seek other men for love, sex and romance, the world is a much more welcoming place .
    Gay relationships cross the norms since it sex between the same sex partners. Anal sex, oral sex are part of these sexual identities for some. While some may be asexual and have little sex at all but just identify as being gay. This could be true for gay relationships as well. Especially for those in long standing relationships where sexual relations happen outside the core relationship and flings with others don’t amount to much in terms of relationships.

    Flings come with some aspects to remember and one is safety. Sexual transmitted diseases are on the rise. HIV infection is still prevalent among gay men. And regardless of the knowledge gained, there seems to be a backlash among gay people who prefer bareback sex. It’s risky. One pornstar Rocco Steele became HIV positive after playing russian roulette with sex. He’s a great example of throwing caution to the wind and getting negative results. But he is one of many. Today medications can cover those who get infected but prevention is so much better. Who can imagine all the side effects they don’t know about or won’t know about for years to come as a result of these medications. The first step in protection is the condom.

    There is a condom for everyone’s sized penis. Condoms are protection and will cover gay people during the sex act. Don’t fall for bareback sex and keep your guard up for sex and drug and alcohol use. Drug and alcohol use impair thinking and can render your safe sex regime useless. Young people might feel invincible and have unprotected sex and still contract HIV. And it is unknown if being undetectable with a test for those taking medications also means unable to spread the disease. Take no chances condoms for those doing anal sex. Few people can claim ignorance as an excuse.

    Public health programs have come along way in education for the public at large. It is through education that the disease seemed to get under control, at least initially. It is up to everyone to continue the practice of safe sex and live an as normal life as possible. Bring condoms and lube with you whenever you plan to go out since you want your lucky day to remain that way.
    Down low used to mean only Black American men who have gay sex. But the world is way more open and more “straight” people are open to gay sex than previously reported. There are many people who are straight acting. They maybe in straight marriages. But they are hidden homosexuals. They may call themselves bisexual but they may be at root gay. And straight is only for appearance. It makes sense because of the stigma associated with gay. Construction workers, wall streeters, power brokers, sports players, and bigshots in general try to keep their image as macho as possible. Imagine if the Rock was gay or said that he was. At his stature, it wouldn’t matter now. But say if he was in the WWE and saying that. Would he go far. It’s almost like Colin Kapearnick and racism. People just don’t want to deal with it. Gay doesn’t fit into that. Only the top dogs can be who they want and embrace their homosexuality. David Geffen and Sandy Gallin are great examples of men who embraced their love of gay sex and came out completely. For many the down low, in the closet, bisexual are just disguises for those who are gay. Still sex is sex and protection is a must.

    Men seeking men more options than ever before. Online dating, clubs, bars, even through friends people are hooking up. But safe sex is still as important. Making good decisions when it comes to sex will go along way. Bring your condoms and lube when you seek your next man to man sex session.